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  1. Got a new 2019 Sonders Fold-x ebike recently, does anyone know the specs of the seat post shock on the new 2019 Fold-xs , watched Marty’s Johnson's video and saw that there was a seat post with built in shock and with the thought of a more comfortable ride I wondered if that might be something valuable-I mentioned in my video: https://youtu.be/0-0fA6ATZYA -that I thought it would have been nice to offer it as an option for the fold x as well since my riding really did not require a 750 watt motor and front fork shock but the idea of a seat shock appeals to me and since obviously the design of the 2019 x and xs were done roughly the same time it would have been a nice foresight to offer that on the x model as well. I inquired about this through the Sonders site and it seem that the answer was somewhat rough as “we don’t offer that, you can buy it here” (with a link to the parts site) however it does not come up on that site and also as I tried to explain on a subsequent chat if I can’t find out any specifications on it how do I know it will work without bottoming out with my weight? There are several aftermarket shock seat posts available on line and the all give some explanation of how they work and the various weight limits they have but I would like to find out more on the one Sonders uses.
  2. I have a fold-x and got the rack and fender kit. Since I wanted fenders I thought I could get an aftermarket rack that might work but was told in order to get the fenders I would have to order the entire kit. The fenders are extremely good quality and the rack is as well and so is the bag, I have a short video on youtube about it: https://youtu.be/0-0fA6ATZYA but am dissapointed that there are no instructions whatsoever on the installation of the rack and fenders and I had to use some ingenuity to get it right-Anyway I can’t complain about the quality or looks of the kit but again no documentation and while I did manage to figure it out there were some confusing moments-parts and attachments had to be sorted and after a bit I realized the parts kit were compiled to fit both the x and xs so some of the leftover parts were not needed on the x but instructions would have been nice-I still don’t know if I have the front fender support on correctly since I have the bent portion horizontal to the front fork but if you look at the picture of the fender on the “sport” it looks like the bent part is vertical along the front fork? I looked further on the site after my purchase and noticed that there is a rack and fender kit without the bag for the “sport” model I see no real difference between the sport and the x as far as frame and overall looks of the bikes and wondered if that kit would fit the x as well, also there two exact listings for the “sport” rack and fender kit but one is 149 and the other is 129? What gives?
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