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  1. I have on of these bags and used it for the first time... THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!! ;-)
  2. Thanks Reddy! Yes absolutely ..will try to search before asking anything 😉 I'm so excited to get out there ... I have a bum knee and haven't really been able to ride much this summer. I've been tooling around on an offroad/onroad escooter though to make things fun. Will definitely get a family photo together once we are all set up. Just trying to remain patient at the moment 😉
  3. jfu222


  4. Following ...just got a fold XS and will probably want to unlock as well.
  5. Just got a graphite XS as well and a Step Through for my wife. I think we will both be reduced to gleeful (but responsible ) children in the near future . Best wishes- J
  6. Hi All, I had a bike on order from an Indiegogo campaign .. I switched because I just didn't want to wait anymore (1 yr) and so glad to have picked up a graphite XS. I also bought a step Through for my wife ... my mother heard about this and bought two step throughs for herself and my dad/ i guess we went all in lol . Looking forward to learning as much as i can here. thanks and best wishes to all. - Joel
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