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  1. Greetings: I have asked this question elsewhere and thought I would try again because I get conflicting answers. I purchased a Sondors X fat tire bike, 7 speed, 48v in June, 2017. A couple of months ago I replaced the controller with a new one because my grandson burnt the old one. However, when I installed the controller the original LCD screen would not totally work with the new controller. When I asked Sondors about it, they said I needed to buy a new LCD screen. Tried, but they are sold out of them, but the second person I talked to said that I could reprogram the old LCD screen to work with the new controller. Is this true? Also, of annoyance, If one buys a new LCD Screen, I was told it comes with a new controller, So I asked why don't they include a new LCD Screen with a new controller? Doesn't make any sense to me. Thanks Earl
  2. Hi: Getting very frustrated dealing with Sondors tech support. Grandson was riding our Sondors X with the 7 speed on an ocean beach, fat tire.. Took a fall and came back with the motor not working nor the peddle assist. Said it was working intermittent and then not at all. Got a "06 Info" message from the LCD. Contacted Sondors Support and they said it probably is a bad motor. Took the whole thing apart and sent them the images. Response was the motor looks good, putt back together, did so and the same result. Good battery, LCD screen works, but when I put the throttle the bike barely wants to move. I have discovered that the brake cutoff switches play an important part in the operations of the bike. The right brake handle (rear brake) has the hard cover over the wire broken and one can see the wires. I believe this is the issue. I tried disconnected this sensor wire that goes to the controller, but the bike was totally dead then. So my questions. a) is there a way to disable the sensor to determine if this is the problem? b) Sondors appears to not have sensor replacement sensors but there are products for BBS Bafang brakes. Is this the type of brake handle that Sondors uses? c)If not, what other parts can I buy to replace the handle/sensor? Sondors only has a brake handle for an Original bike, does an X qualify? Finally, is my analysis correct
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