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  1. The saga continues!!! Thanks to all your help @Reddy Kilowatt I bought a used motor... and went to swap it out and my casing is quite a mess.... does it look salvageable? Or do you think it’ll mess up my new motor? And if it’s not gonna work.... how difficult is it to relace my spokes 😬😬😬😬 One day I will have a working bike..... hopefully that day is soon....
  2. @Reddy Kilowatt thank you so much for the detailed instructions, they were very helpful!!! I wound up using an old basket to hold my wheel up it definitely helped, thanks! So.... I tried to turn the motor, and it still wouldn't turn the other direction.... Took off the motor cap to discover quite a wet rusty mess 😥 So..... looks like I need a new motor I have a 36V battery, and this is the controller that I was given when I bought my bike (the guy had bought it and just never installed it) https://electrobikeworld.com/products/25amp-controller-with-higo-connectors?yotpo_token=ebb96f50eba7170d0f3be86fcf971ef670ac5663&utm_source=yotpo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=map I unfortunately don't have the funds for a full upgrade, so will try and search for a 36V 350W or 500W motor.... Hopefully there's someone in the US with one... Do you think I should replace the sprocket too or will that be fine? It's pretty rusty.... Definitely learned my lesson on proper storage, the hard way, yeesh!!!
  3. Thank you @Reddy Kilowatt for the response! Attached is a pic of my bike. The LCD is Sondors. I had swapped out the throttle before swapping out the controller, and when I tested it then, it was doing the same thing... The bike was working fine with the LCD/Controller combo when I was using it last year but it's been about a year since I rode it, and I had it covered through winter but I think some rain may have gotten to it How do I turn the motor? Do you mean the free wheel? If so, then no, it is still locked in the other direction.... Now that I know I can remove the motor without destroying the freewheel, I will give that a go and see what's inside! Stay tuned...
  4. Long time listener, first time caller here So I will try to keep this short... Bought a used fatty a year ago and it sat in storage for a bit over winter... I took it out and tried to move it, and the rear wheel was locked up and wouldn’t go backwards.. Have been poring over this page and the Facebook page and I’ve gotten pretty far but now I need some advice I’ve replaced the throttle (the button was broken so was needed), and upgraded the controller (it came with the bike so I figured why not while I’m at it...) I didn’t think those were really solutions, so no surprise when that wasn’t a fix. Ao now the throttle works. I press down, the voltage is reading in the lcd and I can hear a “click” in the motor. But no response/movement otherwise.... am I correct in assuming this is a motor issue? Have checked all cable connections and they are good. Tested the battery, it read at 38 when off and went up to 40/41 when on... so seems like battery is good... I thought I might take it apart and check, the Luna motor instructions made it seem like a simple 3 step easy removal.. so I finally removed the rear wheel and then got to “Remove the sprocket...” I’ve read everywhere that removing the sprocket will destroy it soooo... before I destroy my sprocket and take apart my motor... are there any other issues I could check?? Or am I right in assuming it’s a motor issue? the sprocket is pretty rusty... there’s a good amount of rust in places there probably shouldn’t be rust.... I have some simple green cleaner/degreaser but would really appreciate some advice on removing rust tooo!! And I guess while I’m here, and if it’s needed, can anyone recommend a good replacement sprocket/motor?? Is luna good, despite their instructions are not so simple as they seem? what confuses me is that they don’t think you will need a new sprocket, or is that included? Thanks for listening y’all, hopefully my bike isn’t a total lost cause...
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