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  1. Since the suspension fork is not available at Sondors, I started looking for alternatives. I found something: https://classic-cycle.de/alle/3064/204-federgabel-rst-guide-20-zoll-tnl-fatbike-1-1/8-ahead-fuer- Scheibenbremse he lower cone must be removed from the old fork. I did it with a spatula, you have to do it very slowly and work your way through. The lower cone is then driven onto the new fork. Again, this has to be done very slowly and carefully. The steerer tube has to be shortened to
  2. ok, thank you very much, i just wrote this question to Sondors. I think the Fork is special, because there is a thread inside. To take another Fork is probably a bit complex. Greetings from Germany
  3. I would like to equip my Sondors Fold with a suspension fork. Does anyone have any experience and can recommend a model to me? I have concerns about ordering something that doesn't fit.
  4. It started with the fact that I was not satisfied with the standard Tekro disc brakes. I didn't get the brakes properly adjusted. A grinding noise was often heard. I then started looking for new, better brakes with switches. A switch is also integrated in the Tekros. This stops the engine when braking. I don't really think if you really need it. Most e-bikes in Germany don't have a switch. During my search I came across the Magura MT5e. These are available with switches in 2 versions: opener and closer In the Sondors Fold, the switch works as a closer. So I ordered th
  5. Hello, I'm about to order a Sondors Fold X. I'm just a little unsure if something in the warranty period is broken. Does anyone have experience how it works? Do I have to determine the defective part myself? Suppose the display is broken in the warranty period, I have to send that to Sondors and Sondors I get a new back? How long does it take? I live in Dortmund (Germany) Thanks and best regards Jürgen from Dortmund
  6. Hallo Andi, danke für die schnelle Antwort, das ist ja beruhigend. Ich hatte nur Bedenken, weil ja die Fertigung wohl in China ist.... Jetzt muss ich mich nur noch schlau machen , was die Ersatzteilversorgung angeht. Ich kann z.B. den Akku für das Fold X nicht auf der Sondors Webseite finden. Das ist ja wohl ein spezifischer Akku , den es nur von Sondors gibt, der muss ja in den Rahmen passen.. Möchte kein E-Bike haben mit dem man dann Probleme hat an E-Teile zu kommen. Ich frag da mal beim Support Danke und Gruß aus Dortmund
  7. Hallo zusammen, es gibt ja bestimmt einige deutsche Besitzer hier. Ich bin kurz davor ein Fold X zu bestellen, das ist ja jetzt wieder lieferbar. Was kommt da an Kosten noch zusätzlich? Ist es nur die Umsatzsteuer von 19 % oder noch irgendwelche anderen Steuern? Danke und Gruß Jürgen
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