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  1. And again, the only thing that looks amiss is the battery indicator on the LCD is 'empty', its just a rectangle without any of diagonal bars inside... otherwise all looks good on the LCD and power indicator lights. And the main issue, no power to the rear wheel via the thumb throtttle nor when pedaling. Again, hope you can help!
  2. Thanks again for the help! I do see the voltage on the LCD is good (varies btwn 40-41V) but when I disconnect the Higo connector, the pins (male connectors) are on the motor side of the connector, not the battery/controller side, so I do not see how I can check the voltage coming off the controller (since is a female connector). I do have a multi-meter, and have worked in an electronics lab before, but just don't see how I can check the voltage since the pins (male side of the connector) once disconnected does not have any voltage on them (since they are on the motor side, not the battery/controller side). Again, appreciate any further help you can provide. Joel
  3. Thank you for your reply/help! I do not see a voltage on the LCD, where would it be shown? Only see battery icon, time, assist level, speed, motor (W), distance and temperature. And I checked the Higo connector for the cable that connects to the motor on the back wheel (runs horizontally btwn the chain under the frame) and it was good - firmly connected and no moisture. Let me know what you think, and thanks agian! Joel
  4. Hi, I have a Sondors Thin from ~ 2015/2016 with an LCD, and am not getting peddle power even though the battery is fully charged. The battery indicator on the thumb throttle (green/orange/red lights) is working and shows the battery is fully charged, but the battery indicator on the LCD shows no bars (empty) and the rest of the LCD is working fine. Not getting any power to the wheel with either the thumb throttle or cadence sensor (when peddling). Does anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot/fix this issue?
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