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  1. Hi Has anyone tried to fit the Bolton Ebike’s, Fat Bike Suspension Fork on an original fatty with the stock Chayong 4.9 tires?
  2. I recently purchased an original fatty from a guy that bought it in 2017 but hardly used it as the bike had only 120 miles on the display. As a result of my upgrade: I have the following parts for sale: $150.00 Original Sondors 350 watt motor mint, 120 miles of use, Note 350 is in 750 case as upgrade is done by swapping internals in to the old case without removing it. $100.00 Original Sondors 36 volt, 8.8ah battery, 2 keys, mount and charger, mint, will cared for $25 Original KT LCD3 display, note switch clamp damaged, one of the display clamps damaged but both can be mounted and are stable $50 2 Original Sondors controllers, stock 15amp & upgrade 20amp controller. 15 amp never used, 20 amp mint
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