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  1. is the single piece sensor a 8 or twelve magnet?
  2. i'll try the single piece sensor and see what that does...thanks for the input...
  3. mine is happening in all PAS modes...sondors sent me a new controller which didn't help...i have also ruled out the throttle assembly and the LCD/computer as i have swapped those with other bikes....switching these other items doesn't help either...i think now i need to try the sensor and or pedal assist disk,,,any other ideas?
  4. ok...thanks for the tip...I will try that...Jeff
  5. I just got the new MXS which i love...several of us on the facebook owners page have noted a random surge in power when not pedaling or using the throttle....it is like you pressed the throttle for a second or so when you are coasting...it's kind of a big saftely issue...i contacted Sondors and they say they are looking into it. they have said to try and unplug and re seat all the electrical connections as well as checking the pedal assit sensor to make sure it is in the correct location....all of us have doone that and it hasn't fixed the problem...the next thing i can think of is to swap out the sensor or the throttle and see if the issue is related to one of these items...anyone else experience this or have any suggestions? Se our facebook link below to this issue. https://www.facebook.com/groups/645344939305951/permalink/731725217334589/ thanks Jeff
  6. I was just wondering where I can find some bearing dust caps (aluminum ones) for the front wheel on my sonders xs...they seem to be larger than most standard bikes ! Resend
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