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  1. Thanks for the kind words, 3D, greatly appreciated. Depending on the Cell phone, the camera can be quite capable. I have an iPhone 6+, very nice camera. For what it is designed to do, it takes an excellent image.
  2. I read the story about how you broke it, bummer! Hope you are up and about quickly. I am heading out to the Toronto Brick Works on Sunday! That should be a blast. I typically post images on Facebook, 500px or a forum I typically frequent. What gear do you use? Nikon?
  3. @alienmeatsack - Nice to see another fellow photographer! I just padded my saddle bags using the foam packing that came with my Sondors!! lol .. did some trimming first but it works nicely. I posted a picture of my bike with bags in the general discussion. Just waiting for a little nicer weather and I am off to new adventures. Still can't find a decent set of mud guards. Prefer to put those on first before I go out.
  4. This is my ride, that I am extremely proud of. Feel free to post a picture of yours!
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome. I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  6. @alienmeatsack sorry to hear it. Sounds like a bit of bad luck. Good luck with your surgery! Looking forward to hearing it all went well and you are on your way to a speedy recovery!
  7. I used to ride my bike in the rain all the time when I was younger, never thought anything of it.... until I feel.... nasty fall. Scrapped myself up real good. Don't care what bike I ride now, I only ride in good weather. You do bring up a good point. Never thought of the electrical.
  8. Greetings, ditto what Alien said, post up some images when you have them!
  9. Welcome, DrJackie! Hey, AWESOME looking bike!
  10. Hi Andi, nice work on the forum!
  11. Hi SONDORS enthusiasts. I received my SONDORS mid-January.... see attached images. Since it is winter, I am waiting for a nice sunny warm day to take it out for the inaugural spin! So far, I am delighted with the purchase. I ordered the 12.8 battery and a spare, have yet to receive the spare. My only complaint is the back wheel is not 100% true, has a slight wobble in it. Also, the wheels could spin a little more freely. Seem they are on a tad too tight, compared to my other bikes. May have to take it in to a shop and have them look at it. Bike was easy to assemble, I followed a link here to get the IBERA bike rack. Added some Supercycle bags, a cheap light to make it street legal... just waiting for a bell and I am set.
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