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  1. I bought the boltenebikes Wendy display and 25A controller but I'm having a hard time fitting the controller with the nosebottle battery. Did I order the wrong part or am I doing something wrong? Please help!
  2. I see. That's a bummer. So I guess my controller is 15A. My son took the LCD screen apart and solder that wire back on. It looked like it was good and working but then we noticed that we can only make the pedal assist shift down but not up. So we started at 3 and it can only go down. Once we hit 0, then no pedal assist. Do you have any idea what he did wrong, by any chance?
  3. I didn't get it in 2015 from the initial Indiegogo campaign but I did get the fat tire Sondors direct from Sondors during 2016 Kickstarter campaign.
  4. I have a fat tire bike from 2016. 350W motor with 36v8.8Ah battery. Controller model: SD36ZWSR-LD01. The wire from behind the LCD screen was pulled out. I think I need a new LCD screen. I'm trying to buy an aftermarket one. How do I tell if my controller is 15A or 20A/25A? Would KT-LCD3 be compatible for my bike? Can I buy one from Aliexpress or only from Sondors? Please help!
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