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  1. Heard a loud noise, drove over something this morning, and 1 minute later the rear tire totally flat. LMK if this sounds good to fix the tire and hopefully make it more resistant next time. I get can this next day on Amazon - Mongoose Bicycle Tube for Fat Tire 20"x4" and Slime. Should I also replace the tire too?
  2. Cool thanks. On the other hand the Step model also looks good for her and that will be available in July.
  3. Will we be able to get the Fold Sport in the US? Now that I have my Fold XS, I would like to get the sport for my gf. She thinks the Fold XS is too big for her, would be into something lighter and a little smaller with regular 20" wheels. I searched the forum didn't see anything about if it will be available in the US. From what I see it's only in Europe.
  4. Fold XS taking a ferry ride to work in NYC
  5. Cool I will. Taking it as my ride to work starting tomorrow. There's one thing I wish this bike had, it's a small thing, but an integrated light in the front and back would be cool. Does sondors sell an add on for that , anyone know?
  6. So stoked. It's basically brand new. Guess he purchased it , assembled it, and decided it was too big for him. I have so many questions but I'll search the forums first. Rode great on my first run and super comfortable.
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