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  1. I did what you said about unplugging the cables and then plugging them back in immediately. I went for a ride early this morning and everything was fine. I've got my fingers crossed I will not have another problem Thank you for all your help. Everyone here is so nice.
  2. I always ride the bike while also pedaling so I get some exercise at the same time. The motor just cuts out and if I try the thumb throttle nothing happens. Could the brake cutoff be sticking and causing the motor to cut off and then unstick and allow the motor to start back up?
  3. I checked after work yesterday and everything seems fine. Could the controller be going bad or would it just stop working completely and not cut in and out?
  4. Thank you for responding to my problem. I will check what you told me when I get off work today.
  5. Motor cuts in and out. The motor on my Thin cuts in and out without notice. The battery has a full charge and sometimes the bike is just fine with the pedal assist and throttle working as they should. The motor will completely cut out and I'm left with riding it like a standard pedal bicycle. I can ride like this for a short time and the motor will start again. It's really frustrating because I never know what I will get when I ride it.
  6. I have ordered a black Sondors Thin on Indiegogo and now I find I will have to be moving soon. Would anyone be interested in buying my Thin for the money I have in it, $693. The bike is supposed to be delivered in May.
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