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  1. I have a similar issue on our Fold X. We got it in January 2019 and only have 297 miles. For the past 6 months the pedal assist power cuts out, with no error messages. I'll be pedaling with pedal assist level 2 on a relatively flat street, hear a loud clang, and the pedal assist power cuts out. If if press the brake controls or turn the LCD off and on, clang, the pedal assist power comes back on. I tried disconnecting the LCD and plugged the cable with the shunt; the power cuts out less often, but it did cut out. I've been working for several months with a friend who has 5+ SONDORS to de
  2. sorry, I have never used facebook before. I have no idea how to open a thread to ask the community for help. I was able to get in and submit the tech support request. But to open a thread? I'm lost. Kevin
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