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  1. Thanks Reddy I am going to have to return it and fork out for an expensive low powered sondors LCD looks like I can't upgrade my sport which I was really looking forward too doing and sondors shipping to Europe is disgraceful so who knows if I can even get a replacement hmmm. I appreciate your response
  2. I have bought a 25 amp controller for my fold sport and LCD but went to attach it and there are 6 wires where the sondors standard controller has 3 please I really need some help the only thing that fits is the motor cable and nothing else If you need any more pictures or info please let me know as I need my bike for work any solutions would be very helpful I was told it was plug and play but it doesn't seem that straight forward
  3. My lcd has just died on my Fold sport from water damage I'm quite sure so this is my perfect opportunity to upgrade I have been looking at the 750w bafang rear hub motor and they say it will lace in 350w motor no problem but I have the 250w bafang rear hub motor. Will it fit? But first I want too upgrade the sondors lcd to the ktc3 25 amp and 25 amp controller and will wait till sondors have the 48v 14 amp available in Europe until i upgrade the motor as the 38v 8.8amp battery won't be powerful enough. Any suggestions or problems with my plan I would appreciate feed back
  4. I have a sondors fold sport would I be able to upgrade my 15 amp controller to a 20 or 25 amp? I think even on a rebuild the biggest battery you can fit in a fold is 48w 14ah as i have inquired but also want too get the most out of the cells ive already got. correct me if I'm wrong as there is not much info for newbies like me
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