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    Mathias Zettler

  2. Thanks for the reply @Reddy Kilowatt Yes, I want to replace to whole unit, but I don't get it out. I have replaced (non Sondors) bottom brackets before and I know some french and some german vendors use counter clockwise screw threads at one side. I have sprayed oil because the retainer is rusty. My next try will be with much strength. Therefore I need the right direction of rotation. Maybe someone knows it for the Sondors Fold?
  3. I have tried to open the bottom bracket from a Sondors Fold with my octalink-tool but nothing happens. I am not sure in which rotation direction the bracket opens (clockwise or clounter-clockwise)? In the meanwhile I already sprayed oil on the bracket, but still no movement. Does anybody know in which direction the bottom bracket opens? Cheers, Mathias
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