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  1. Thanks Reddy, I,really appreciate the help and support! WNCDOC
  2. Thanks. I’ll do that and get back to you. I appreciate your interest! I just plugged the charger in again and it arced with some kind of short that sparked and turned the connectors black. There is some kind of short in the battery!
  3. Thanks. I’ll do that and get back to you. I appreciate your interest!
  4. Yes, I did do it that way. Thanks. So how can I check the battery out first then track back. Also I have a new bike without much manufacturer assistance so it makes me realize that service is more important than product or initial cost!
  5. Lived in WNC for 43 years. DDS. Have a place in HHI so many good places to ride. Just put my new Fold XS together. Really nice but no power! Help! Charger stays Green so figured battery fully charged. But No Power to LCD computer. So don,t know if the issue is bad battery, bad charger, bad wire, or just overlooked something? Thanks
  6. Just put my new Fold XS together . Well packed, well designed, and improved over X. Problem: No Power! Charger green not Red then Green so figured that the battery came completely charged? So don,t know if I have a bad battery, bad charger, wire harness problem, or just overlooking something. Thanks for suggestions! PS local bike shop showed me to the door. Would not even look! Guess he was upset that I didn’t, buy one of his $3,800 Treks!
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