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  1. So, I finally was able to get the case of the Bafang rear hub motor down off the shaft to expose the magnets, so that I could re-epoxy them. The first one I removed jumped from my fingers and flew onto another magnet close by, and shattered in 20 pieces. Does anyone have any idea where more magnets can be purchased? Sondors said they have no idea.
  2. I have dissasembled the motor to get to the magnets. I am able to pull the outer case down (with a lot of resistance), but the case will not come all the way down and off. At about 3-4" down, it simply won't come down any furthur. I have been using Bruce Choate's guide. It should come off at this point.....? Anybody have this issue? Thanks.
  3. No reply from Bruce choate on the storm group. can't get the casing to slide off. it pushes down fine to a certain point, but stops and won't come all the way off- as though there's still something holding it on. I stripped one of the 3 phillips screws on the case below the steel gear. Major problem. Extracting failed. Drilled it out, but the only choice, at this point, is to use a self-tapping screw in its place. Pretty well thinking taking this repair on was a big mistake to. Now looking at having to replace the whole motor.
  4. Hi Reddy. I'm back at it. Because the motor in Bruce's video isn't exactly the same as mine, I'm hesitant to push down hard to separate the housing that will expose the magnets. There are 4 small screws on the underside of the case., (see pic), and I'm wondering if they need to come out first? Later: Just realized the the nylon gears and the steel gear have to come off first, of course! Okay.
  5. Thank you Reddy. You’ve been over-the-top generous with your time helping me. I really appreciate it. If you ever find yourself in Western Mass, you have a friend here. Cheers!
  6. Hey Reddy. So, I have the motor out of the case. The magnets all look aligned and as they should be. The nylon gears look brand new. It spins freely. Nothing obvious to me. Looks clean. Lithium grease. Similar to the picture you last posted. Not sure where else to look...?
  7. Thanks! Got the bits. So, if it’s the magnets, one or more will be displaced? Thanks.
  8. So, it’s a security Allen screw. A guy a local bike shop advised me to not open the motor case if it has those screws, because they weren’t meant to be opened unless you are an electric bike tech. I’m sure not, but the screws gotta come out, so...
  9. Anyone know what kind of Allen wrench these nuts take? There’s a tiny pin in the center, which, if it is an Allen, the wrench would have to be hollow in the middle?
  10. Thank you again for your time and sharing your thoughts and experience Reddy. A lot of what you said changed my perspective for the better. Much appreciated. Happy riding. B.
  11. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply. I do appreciate your perspective and advice. I know that if I bought a lawnmower, or almost any product, and it went south within a very short time, I would take it back to where I purchased it, and hope for a replacement or, at least, free repair. If this were a case of having 13,000 miles, or 1300 miles on the motor, I would resign myself to understanding that repairs and replacement parts are all part of the eBike experience. My first bike was a Luna middrive, which I loved, but I had unusually bad luck with components constantly failing. That is why I bought the Sondors. I was told that all the issues with the Luna were "highly unusual." Having had that bad experience, understand that I am disappointed and frustrated by the failure of a new bike which, I am being told is "exceptional, " and typically problem free until very high miles. That is exactly what I had hoped for: a good bike that, if well cared for, would offer more riding time and less downtime. Having a 2nd bike is very wise. You have great looking bikes. Thanks.
  12. Hello Bruce and thank you for your instructions. I wonder about the epoxy, though- where on the magnets do you put the epoxy, or, more importantly, where do you not?
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