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  1. Thank you for the reply, Incorrect Tire Information in my prior posts! I Just finished the 56T Chainring install, with little effort. There must be a difference between our frames and components etc. My Fat Tires are standard SONDORS 26 x 4.9 as you know. My chain to Tire body clearance is 20 mm +, after the 56T install, without moving the bottom bracket? Same is true with the 56T Chainring to frame clearance, 4 mm plus between them. I receive the longer chain, but I have not installed it, I am going to do a test ride first in 5, 6, and 7th gear. More to Follow!
  2. Thank you for the reply, Your EBL with 29 x 4.7s, would be a pickup of 0.20 or 0.10 per side additional clearance, over the stock SONDORS 29 x 4.9 side lug tires. I was thinking about ordering a stock SONDORS Original 29 x 4.0 side lug tire, as this only affects the back tire, and it would give me 0.9, or 0.45 per side clearance. Will I still need to adjust the Bottom Bracket to the right?
  3. What is the Maximum Size Chainring that will fit the 2019 SONDORS X? I am looking at a 56T
  4. SONDORS X arrived on January 7, 2019. Living in Southwest Florida has made it easy for me to ride every other day. I am recovering from a bone on bone knee with a damaged medial collateral ligament. After a full year of daily PEMF treatments and two Prolotherapy injections, my Prolotherapy doctor recommended that I start exercising using a bicycle to stimulate the natural lubricant within my recovering knee joint. I started exercising with a standard road bike, but was not able to “Spin” with minimal effort as instructed. I own a 2010 electric recumbent trike, but is it is next to impossible to get in and out of a bike several inches off the ground. I recall seeing the SONDORS advertised several years ago and decided on the SONDORS “X”. I use the thumb switch to move the Fat Tire “X” up to 16+ miles per hour, then put the bike into 7th gear and move the pedal assist to Number 3, this allows me to Spin at the optimal level, without causing stress on my knees. I started with five minutes the first week and I have added five minutes per week, I am now at 20 minutes, and this technique has allowed me to build muscle riding it every other day. I have been able to move the pedal assist down to number 2, my goal is to ride on Fort Myers Beach after I have built enough muscle in my legs. My target for the beach is early March! My SONDORS X is a very well-built fat tire bike and has been the perfect platform for my recovery! I don’t see myself going back to my electric trike or the road bike, the sign on my front lawn, “BIKES FOR SALE” Thank you SONDORS! Al P.S., Super easy to accessorize
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