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  1. Yes, electro bike world is an excellent supplier of e-bike components. I outfitted my first SONDORS x, with a 750w Hub Drive, and 52v battery, etc. they were very helpful through the entire process. I am now updating another SONDORS X here in Alaska. Nick from electro bike world, Insured that I was given the proper 750w motor, correct controller, and LCD. They are one of the few suppliers that I have been able to depend on during COVID-19, their inventory of parts and reasonable prices have been outstanding. You may recall from a previous post that I was struggling with the hills, that is no longer the case, the SONDORS X, with a few upgrades, is absolutely outstanding in the foothills east of Anchorage, Alaska. You may notice that the studs were changed out for the original SONDORS knobbies.
  2. Good Morning James, I hope you received my private mail. REDDY knows that I have been behaving myself, lately, and I do enjoy the forum. I Totaly support SONDORS, I have two of the “X”s, and a MXS. Without my SONDORS Ebikes, I would not be riding my MXS, with the battery turned off, here in Southwest Florida. Being able to go from a “Bone on Bone” knee to riding a 60+ pound bike is nothing short of spectacular! Yes Florida is flat, but it’s still pretty amazing. One last thing, I started my SONDORS journey weighing in at 265 lbs, my 3 rides a week have moved the needle to 210 lbs. I will be 71 in late July and I can tell you that my SONDORS’ has been the fountain of youth, when coupled with PEMF and Prolotherapy.
  3. https://www.pemf8000pro.com/product/pemf8000-pro-2-0-superpack/ I don’t want to get thrown off the forum, but I sent you this link as FYI. The entire story is quite amazing.
  4. Albert Werth

    Albert Werth

  5. MXS Battery life is Excellent! With a little more than 700 miles on my MXS I have found the battery life to be exceptional. If you go back to some of my original posts, you will see that I have been using the SONDORS electric bikes to rehabilitate a bone on bone knee. my last ride is a great example of the range that I am experiencing with the MXS. This ride was just over 22 miles and 1 hr 12 minutes, Yes Florida is flat. SONDORS readout on the left, Wahoo readout on the right, you can see they’re both relatively close with ride data. T As you can see this was an excellent cardio workout, but the most amazing part of this ride was the battery life. You can see the indicator on the face of the SONDORS readout, still shows full power. The MXS has been an excellent bike and I highly recommend it. Thank you, SONDORS!
  6. Reddy, We have had several conversations in the past concerning SONDORS gears. My last line, "It would be nice to see SONDORS come out with mountain bike gears, 10-50 with a 32T Chainring". This was not a retrofit idea, this is a totally reengineered SONDORS MTB bike. SONDORS is coming out with new bikes every year, my MXS is a great example of the engineering SONDORS is bringing to the e-bike market. I spent 2 1/2 weeks east of Anchorage, AK, riding in the foot hills. Without MTB gears it is impossible to take on 40% grades with ice and snow! I upgraded the Cassette with a 14-32, this is a direct replacement for the stock 14-28, and the 50T Chainring with a 32T, this took an existing SONDORS X, without suspension, and turned it into a great Flat Bar Gravel Bike for ice and snow! My comment was a suggestion to SONDORS, to take a look, but if this is not their market, then case closed. The conversation was driven by a SONDORS ad, that showed a SONDORS biker riding in a glacial setting, which was totally wrong, without Studded Tires, and the right gears. Don't forget the Pogies! SONDORS Ad that ran during February 2020 This is what a brand new SONDORS X looks like properly outfitted for AK, February 2020! I had SONDORS ship this X to AK! You know Reddy, this is the reason we both own several SONDORS bikes, they are a great bike, and we love to work on them!
  7. You’ll find a post on this forum detailing what I had to do to my SONDORS X to make it up 40% grades in the foothills Hills East of Anchorage Alaska 14-28 changed out foa a 14-32 I changed the original 50T For a 32T - this was the silver bullet The Trek bike shop in Anchorage changed out the cassette, as I did not have those tools with me, but I ordered the 32T off of Amazon, along with chain break and master links. It worked out very well. It would be nice to see SONDORS come out with mountain bike gears, 10-50 with a 32T Chainring
  8. SONDORS X - Fully outfitted for riding in Alaska Winters, your hands will love the Poagies!
  9. I just had to post several photos from the Hillside area above Anchorage, AK Just before noon today, in the Hillside area, east of Anchorage, with the SONDORS X, mountains capped with clouds today I am visiting my Son Daniel and his wife Claire here in AK, it's their place up in Hillside, the Modified SONDORS X is now Dan's and the guy in the Sandals is heading back to SWF, namely Fort Myers, FL - Good look at the modifications - Studded Tires, 32T Chain Ring, 14-32 Cassette and Bike POAGIES - made in AK
  10. I have updated my SONDORS X in order to ride the foothills east of Anchorage, AK In order to ride in this area I changed out the Stock 14-28 Cassette for a 14-32, easy swap. I also changed out the 50T Chainring for a direct replacement 32T Chainring. I had already changed out the Knobby tiers for off the shelf Knobby tires with Studs, these are a must have when riding on snow and ice. I also added Bike POAGIES, made in AK, similar to the ones shown in the SONDORS ad. After all the modifications were finished I took my 5th ride yesterday, February 21st. First a comments: The SONDORS X, basic bike without front suspension, with Studded Tires, at 8-10 psi, is a very stable ride here in AK winter conditions. Yesterday, February 21st, the gravel roads and trails had 3-6 inches of fresh snow, with ice and crusty ruts as a base. The SONDORS X held a very straight line going up or down hill on the gravel roads, even in these conditions, I was able to reach 23.+ mph, downhill, and it felt like I was in control. Thank God for Disk Brakes! It would not be possible to ride in the above conditions or the conditions shown in the SONDORS Glacier Riding Marketing piece, without making the Drivetrain and Tire modifications. I just can't get over how Stable the SONDORS X was in these conditions! Respectfully, AL
  11. I have a major problem with the email ad that was just sent. The SONDORS X is not geared for Hills. As you know I am a big supporter of SONDORS electric bikes I have three, but if you ship them to destinations like Alaska, you’re going to get major complaints. I would recommend that you come up with a cassette and a Chainring that will climb hills in cold weather! I will restate that I am a huge supporter of SONDORS, but because I have experienced it firsthand, Cold weather and Hill’s don’t speak well for your Existing bikes. SONDORS should also offer studded tires, or tires that are set up to take studs. Just my opinion Thank you, Al
  12. No this didn’t help my climbing problem, but they sure are keeping my hands warm!
  13. SONDORS X, changing out the 14-28 Casse Has anyone had this problem, if so, please respond.
  14. SONDORS X arrived in Anchorage, AK 02.07.20 First ride into the foot hills on 02.09.20
  15. SONDORS came through 100%, new MXS Bottom Bracket installed, SONDORS paid for the part and the installation at my local bike shop. Here is my update: Five 18-mile rides after installation of the new Bottom Bracket on my MXS, super quiet! Thank you SONDORS for the excellent service!
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