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  1. I worked on my Thumb Throttle last night. Standard thumb throttles located to the left of the brake lever assembly, make for a long reach. Thumb throttles located between the grip shifter and the brake lever assembly move the brake lever to far left, two finger grab? I came up with a down and dirty solution. The 3D printed Extension is affixed with dab silicone sealant inside the extension, then pressed into place and allowed to set. “FOR A MORE ERGONOMIC THUMB THROTTLE LOCATION” _________________________________________ I am adding these 3D Part Renderings, along with a Screen Shot of the SLA 3D print generator. These renderings also shows a "Thumb Depression", that was added to the part (shown on the top-left side of the part). I always start with a relatively clear 3D printed parts to check for fit/interference before the final part. It was important to see how the four small clips/ramps interfaced with the underside of the Thumb Throttle. If you have access to 2017 SolidWorks and a 3D printer, send me your email address, and I will send you the part and SLA file. You may need to modify the part to fit the Thumb Throttle on your SONDORS bike.
  2. LEE COUNTY BICYCLE FACILITY Map https://www.fortmyers-sanibel.com/media/16997/bike_facility_map.pdf Yes, Southwest Florida is flat, in fact this may be the highest point in the county, unless you are counting freeway overpasses. We enjoy year around riding, as Lee County has done a great job on Trails for us! I have not made it to Fort Myers Beach, but that is on the Bucket List! More rehab needed!
  3. This Wooden Bridge is on the Bike/Foot path along Daniels Parkway, the path takes you along the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve. Very quiet even though you are traveling adjacent to Daniels Parkway and then Six Mile Cypress. This has been my rehab rout for the past six months. Today's ride was a 16 mile round trip.
  4. Same as the related post for SONDORS for the Beach. I call my SONDORS MX 750 as it is a Modified bike vs a purchased SONDORS XS, back when the XS came out. The would love to go head to head with the new SONDORS MXS!
  5. 6" Diameter Art Work was left behind by a sticker I peeled off, I going to keep it!
  6. The Flat Bar is an easy place to mount things, but it becomes a maze of clutter, at some point. Late last night I decided I wanted my GoPro camera off the SONDORS X flat bar. Before and After I wanted a basic mount design, that did not require fasteners, moved the camera away from all the cables, and incorporates the old Flat Bar mount. A little time on SolidWorks, an overnight 3D print, and it was time for a test mounting on my X, just call me Mr. Lucky, hit all the numbers the first time. The mount surrounds the SONDORS Stem Spacers and is compressed vertically with the Cap over the Stem Riser, all the way to the stem spacer's original position, this way the camera mount does not interfere with the flat bar clamping. Super easy assembly, I will let you know how it works tomorrow after my 10 mile.
  7. I just rolled 770 miles on my X, since it arrived in early January. My SONDORS X has been a very reliable Fat Tire Bike and an outstanding eBike. I finished putting on a set of Origin8 Supercells 26 X 4.0 Diamond Pattern Road/Smooth Tires. I took them for a 10 mile ride on July 9th. I am a hard surface rider and the Fort Myers area is improving and adding Bike/Walk paths all the time. Several reasons for the Tire Change, the center lugs on the rear tire were going away, I wanted a more quite ride, and I wanted to start increasing my distance and speed. The Supercells 26 X 4.0 did a great job on all counts. I will change back to the Original Knobby set when it's time to hit the Beach. The tire change lowered the bike 1/2", at the axles and decreased the Tire Width by 1/4", but the silence on the hard surfaces is worth it.
  8. Back on Monday you asked: Now I've got to ask, what’s your Association with Aviation? That NACA Duct is a dead giveaway. Makes me think you’re a Van’s RV driver. I am a 4,800 hour Land & Sea Multiengine Land Instrument Airplane Pilot, but that has nothing to do with the NACA Duct addition to my X. Now for the history: Every project starts with a concept. I removed the battery case and digitized the case, by hand, into a SolidWorks 3D CAD model, next some possible locations, I found a great spot for the Duct-directly in front of the Controller, happenstance visit to the "War Birds Museum" north of Cape Canaveral, now to print the Duct, and the perfectionist needed a better Class A Surface!, but first the Duct to internal component review with a transparent Duct, and that worked, add the final product, and we are good to go. By the way, always program your ebike to startup in "0" You had to ASK!
  9. 56T Chainring is ready for a Test Changed out the original bike chain after the conversion, as the original chain was 8 links to short, for the new setup. Then measured the clearance between the Rear Tire and the chain in 1st gear at 10.3 mm and 7th gear at 19.5 mm (Photo Study). The original clearance was about 3/16 in., or 4.7 mm. I took the bike, with the 56T Chainring setup, for a 14 mile test ride, good spinning cadence of one pedal revolution per second at 17-18 mph in 4th gear (56T -20T / 2.8 :1) Before the Chainring conversion, the stock setup would have been in 7th gear (40T -14T / 2.86 :1) for about the same cadence. FYI, 7th gear with the 40T original chainring vs 7th gear with the 56T chainring conversion - 40T - 14T / 2.86 :1 vs 56T - 14T / 4.0 :1
  10. Thank you for the reply, Incorrect Tire Information in my prior posts! I Just finished the 56T Chainring install, with little effort. There must be a difference between our frames and components etc. My Fat Tires are standard SONDORS 26 x 4.9 as you know. My chain to Tire body clearance is 20 mm +, after the 56T install, without moving the bottom bracket? Same is true with the 56T Chainring to frame clearance, 4 mm plus between them. I receive the longer chain, but I have not installed it, I am going to do a test ride first in 5, 6, and 7th gear. More to Follow!
  11. Thank you for the reply, Your EBL with 29 x 4.7s, would be a pickup of 0.20 or 0.10 per side additional clearance, over the stock SONDORS 29 x 4.9 side lug tires. I was thinking about ordering a stock SONDORS Original 29 x 4.0 side lug tire, as this only affects the back tire, and it would give me 0.9, or 0.45 per side clearance. Will I still need to adjust the Bottom Bracket to the right?
  12. What is the Maximum Size Chainring that will fit the 2019 SONDORS X? I am looking at a 56T
  13. SONDORS X arrived on January 7, 2019. Living in Southwest Florida has made it easy for me to ride every other day. I am recovering from a bone on bone knee with a damaged medial collateral ligament. After a full year of daily PEMF treatments and two Prolotherapy injections, my Prolotherapy doctor recommended that I start exercising using a bicycle to stimulate the natural lubricant within my recovering knee joint. I started exercising with a standard road bike, but was not able to “Spin” with minimal effort as instructed. I own a 2010 electric recumbent trike, but is it is next to impossible to get in and out of a bike several inches off the ground. I recall seeing the SONDORS advertised several years ago and decided on the SONDORS “X”. I use the thumb switch to move the Fat Tire “X” up to 16+ miles per hour, then put the bike into 7th gear and move the pedal assist to Number 3, this allows me to Spin at the optimal level, without causing stress on my knees. I started with five minutes the first week and I have added five minutes per week, I am now at 20 minutes, and this technique has allowed me to build muscle riding it every other day. I have been able to move the pedal assist down to number 2, my goal is to ride on Fort Myers Beach after I have built enough muscle in my legs. My target for the beach is early March! My SONDORS X is a very well-built fat tire bike and has been the perfect platform for my recovery! I don’t see myself going back to my electric trike or the road bike, the sign on my front lawn, “BIKES FOR SALE” Thank you SONDORS! Al P.S., Super easy to accessorize
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