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  1. DavidN

    Sondors XS

    RK, I tried the 1665 and it did not work on my KD718 jan 2019 XS. Facebook Sondors Modders group responded to a request with about five different answers. The 1515 is the only one that got through.
  2. DavidN

    Sondors XS

    You will love it. The extra 250 watts pulls like and engine. Hydraulic brakes are very smooth. You get a smooth ride with the front air shocks and springer seat post. Enjoy!! admin password for second level parameters is 1515.
  3. DavidN

    KD718 Admin Password

    I purchased the August 2018 run XS Fat and received in Jan 2019. The admin password for advanced settings is 1515.
  4. DavidN

    Sondors XS

    I got mine in Texas on January 08th. I ordered mine during the first "100" drive.

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