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  1. Issue resolved. with a little force, I was able to snap it in closer to the sensor. Being that this disc is not metal my concern was snapping it in two. Thanks
  2. First time Sondors Owner and my wife and I bought 2 of the Fold XS. One arrived yesterday, the other is due to arrive next week. One thing I noticed is the pedal assist is weird and not like the test bikes I have ridden. Their is a sensing disk on the inside of the pedal sprocket with the sensor mounted to the frame. I noticed the pedal assist can only be felt for 50% of the ride. I noticed that the disc that is installed is lopsided and is close to the sensor at one point but as you pedal, it moves away from the sensor, thereby not allowing pedal assist to occur, until you rotate back around to when it is close again then you can feel it kick in. so you can fell the pedal assist kick in and then kick out and then back in during a full rotation of the pedal. Anyone else received their XS FOLD and found this to be the same? How is Sondors with correcting issues with their bikes?
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