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    Replacement Controller

    Just wanted to put this out there: The LCD controller from Bolton arrived; I got the color version and it was a breeze to program. There is still a combination of snow and ice on the streets here so I haven't had a chance to really give things the road test, but previously the bike went ...maybe 3-4 MPH with me on it. Now after adding the LCD controller (the previous owner replaced the original Sondors controller but never had the LCD part) when I tip the bike up on the kick stand and use the thumb throttle, indicated speed is 49.6 MPH no-load...which I see as promising. We talk about "controllers" and in my book, that could mean the thumb throttle, the LDC control screen with attached buttons, or the silver box that lives in with the battery. Aren't these all controllers of some sort? Somewhere is there a simple explanation of what these respective parts do? The help that Reddy had offered seems to have proven invaluable. Hopefully in a few days I can do a road test to prove or disprove my results. Thanks again for the support!
  2. Amanaland

    Replacement Controller

    You're a good man Reddy. I think that my fork is more raked than this picture but will take a look later today. If I were to replace it, I'd hope that someone swapped a suspension front fork for the non-suspension one like I have. At least at this juncture, I'm not sold on the additional weight and complexity of front suspension, and there may be the plain old-school fork laying in a corner somewhere. I appreciate your help.
  3. Amanaland

    Replacement Controller

    great pictures Reddy! So I have ordered the color LCD from Bolton, Kyle thought it was likely my issue - not having one with a controller that expects one. I'm anxious to get it on and try things out. I rode yesterday for the first time - streets are finally dry and relatively clean, and using the thumb throttle, I think that i'm going about walking speed. I notice a pretty extreme rake to the rigid front fork. The fork has a definite change in angle below the fork head. Does that seem standard? It REALLY wants to go straight. I may post a picture later. Also someone mentioned a place on-line where folks would be able to sell parts - am I missing something? Do you know of any protection available for where the power cable enters the rear hub? Seems like a pretty vulnerable spot. Thanks again, its great that you take so much time to field questions.
  4. Amanaland

    Replacement Controller

    I don't know, "Captain Tomato Seed" has a nice ring to it! The plot just thickened: I just came from my girlfriend's and realized that she has the boost selector (for lack of a better term) ...and I don't. I only have the handlebar mounted throttle. Maybe that's the problem and the previous seller wasn't completely forthright. Maybe my bike has morphed into a single speed? So where to go from there? Do I just go back to Kyle to see if this component can be sourced through him and would work with the controller I have? I know you're shooting in the dark too. Does someone out there have a spare to sell? Thanks again for your thoughts. I think that your last paragraph may have been intended for another lost soul.
  5. Amanaland

    Replacement Controller

    Reddy, Did you use to work for Iowa Electric Light and Power? I thought he was their logo. Honestly, I bought it with the knowledge from the previous owner that it needed a controller-I figured it would be dead, but it wasn't. I haven't even ridden it with snow on the ground, but did tilt it on the kickstand before I bought to see if the motor ran, and it spun the back wheel albeit slowly. The battery shows a full charge both on the throttle lever LEDs as well as on the LEDs on the battery. When I hit the throttle while standing next to the bike, it took off with some force. Riding it inside the house its a little hard to tell how fast I'm going - but it will take off from dead stop with my 170# on the seat. There's not enough room in my house to try the pedal assist or asses its full speed. I can understand that a poor connection might be the culprit...thought of it on the 11 hour drive home yesterday, just didn't remember first thing this morning. Did I mention that I bought a new Thin for my girlfriend in June, so I have the possibility of swapping out parts? I hate the possibility of compromising her components if a faulty part on my bike might take out one of hers. I'll bet replacing the throttle lever is the least expensive option if I'm buying parts and shooting blindly. Do you like Bolton for those too? I will see if there are any suspicious connections. Thanks for your coaching!
  6. I just bought a used single speed thin and the previous owner replaced the controller with one from Velomobile. He indicated that it worked for a short period before puking. Now it works at one speed which is about 3-4MPH and that's it. Whats the forum opinion of using a SONDORS replacement versus one from Luna or someone else? I don't mind an upgrade if its warranted and doesn't require substantial modification of my bike to make it work. Also this bike didn't come with the LCD option and it sounds like I would need to use the Sondors LCD with their controller and a different one with the Storm Hot Rod 20 amp Controller 36-52 torm Hot Rod 20 amp Controller 36-52v What is the current hot set-up?
  7. Amanaland

    Storing below freezing

    We would like to store the Sondors in a garage that might drop below freezing. What potential damage or precautions should be made?

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