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  1. Fair enough, I should have mentioned FoldX from the get-go. And I am all about modding the hell out of everything I own, but in this case I have two Fold X's for my kids and really don't want or need them to have any more speed or torque than they already have. I also don't have the time or desire to tear apart brand new bikes to add an option that should be available from Sondors. Since shockingly Sondors does not make an upgrade, I looked to the forum for viable option to keep my kids safe after the sun sets. I will figure something out. Thanks for the quick responses!
  2. I know a lot of people come tp the forums and ask questions that a simple Google seach can answer. I found all of the products you posted (and thanks for doing so) but none of them work, plug and play, out of the box on new Sondors bikes. "It only works with sondors fat ebike 2015 and 2016, do not work with sondors x fold 2017" - PASION E BIKE I guess I am "shit out of luck" but find it odd considering how many of these are on the road in Southern California alone.
  3. Yes, I found that too but I am not sure I would call this plug and play: "This is NOT compatible with any stock motor controllers from Sondors, etc)"
  4. I searched but came up empty. With the number of these bike on the road now I find it very hard to believe there is no plug and play headlight/taillight combo on the market. Most competitive bikes have lights out of the box, or at least available as an upgrade. Nothing from Sondors, and from what I can tell, nothing in the plug and play aftermarket. I am missing something? Thanks!
  5. We ended up buying a fold X and will be selling the Original...Trade no longer available.
  6. My son bought a Sondors Original Fat Bike and it's a bit big for him (he's 12 years old). He has some buyers remorse and ideally would like to trade for a Sondors Fold or Fold X (with some extra cash). Anyone out there in the opposite position? Let's trade! We are in San Clemente, but open to driving in So Cal.
  7. No one answered your question about the surf rack. My son is buying an OG and will be using it to go surfing. What rack did you end up buying? Anyone else have a good suggestion? Thanks!
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