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  1. Hi. I have a KT 36V zwsr 15 amp controller with a LCD5 display. On the display I have the back light/lights function and on the controller I have two pairs of 36V red/black wires that I assume are for the lights. I purchased a 36V Busch&Muller headlight and rear light. However the lights are not connected to the on/off function of the display and these two pairs of wires are always power on even if the display is off. Basically, I put the lights on/off from the headlight button. Although the controller and the display are compatible, I cannot find the "combination" to make the lights on/off from the display. My question is, does not my controller support this function? Is any pair of wires that i should link to the display or other wires in the controller to go to the lights? If not, what controller do you recommend me? (well, there are three questions ) Thanks
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