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  1. Hi David You mention the admin password, I don't remember his name, but he told the forum 1665, I will try both though thanks. Have amazing fun out there and be safe. will send pic when I get it. Ronnie...…..😎
  2. Hi David That is so cool, I am still waiting for mine, It is sent out on Jan 18th heading north. I was looking forward to riding in the snow, but we don't have any. It is very dry up here. I hope you are having an awesome time riding. Ronnie...….🙂
  3. Hi Reddy I have good news for all that are looking forward to the New XS. The ones who paid for it by Dec 1 2018, they will be mailed out Jan 18 2019. Thanks for putting up with me, I am like a kid in a candy store, I can hardly wait. I saved up forever for this bike and in Canada we pay the difference because the dollar. It was worth it. Thanks again Ronnie...…..
  4. Hi Sam Thank you for the encouraging words to be patient. My new XS will be delivered Jan 18th. Yours looks awesome, I could see you grinning from up here in Canada. Congrats And have a awesome New Year! Ronnie...…… PS... There is a video on You Tube for the new LCD display, Just punch in Sondors XS and it should be in the list of videos.
  5. Thanks Reddy My bike was paid for before Dec 1st. I just thought maybe if anyone knew. No worries, I will have to wait. Thanks enjoy your New Year.
  6. Hi Reddy I am wondering is it around the middle of the month that the new XS is shipped out to the ones who payed for it on Nov 15th 2018
  7. Hi Guys and Gals Does anyone know if and when the statements for the second 100 XS comes out? December 1st is when they want the money in. If anyone knows please answer thanks. Ronnie...…….
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