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  1. Hi there, I rode my new Fold XS yesterday for 10km fine without problem. When I tried today, it didn't work. The lights turn on fine and LCD starts up ok with no error. But when I tried to peddle, there was no peddle assist and the throttle didn't work either. I have tried disconnected the two cables from the brakes. I've checked all the connections (that i can see) to make sure nothing is loose and reconnected them just incase. No idea what to do now. I've also attached images of the magnet if that helps. Any ideas?
  2. Did you get this resolved? I'm having the same issue with my Fold XS. Rode 10km yesterday with no problems. Tried to ride it today but no power to the motor. Throttle doesn't work, nor does power assist. LCD and lights turn on just fine. Here is my sensor, does it look ok?
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