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  1. Thought I’d start this. The first thing you should do when you receive your bike is record the serial number and post it to one or more bicycle registries. I like http://bikeregistry.com because it’s no or low cost. I’ll post my serial number, color, year, etc. here also, it couldn’t hurt. Take pictures of the serial # and any changes you make to the bike. Make a card with contact information and insert in the seat tube. If you have home or rental insurance give your agent the bike’s details. Next is to get a lock. There’s plenty of advice on the internet. If you live in a high crime area get the best lock you can. The local police should have recommendations for your area. I see that the wheels are held by nuts on solid axles. For security this is better than quick release hubs. If you have the tools and parts, add another nut to each axle and tighten with two skinny bicycle wrenches. The seat may have a quick release. If you don’t adjust the seat height often, replace the quick release with a bolt and nut. Any other thoughts?
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