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  1. so i have a 36v original fat single speed and it has a Panasonic battery. while testing it yesterday it seems to work fine after charging but i tried it again this morning without charging and it has the same problem. i have a couple questions so how do i chack the battery voltage with a multimeter? and what are the contact points?
  2. I have noticed when I turn on the bike from the battery when fully charged it will show all the lights then suddenly fall down into the red to then just all the lights turn off which results in me not being able to turn in the bike or the lcd. Also when I push the power indicator butting on the battery the throttle lights turn on but only if I hold it. And if I try to push the i button to turn on the lcd it will turn the lights off on the throttle. I have looked at the battery’s power button which says it’s close to full yet it won’t turn on. Also I tried to unplug and replug the cable that goes into the battery but nothing works. Please help.
  3. Yeah @Reddy Kilowatttold me this so you should talk to him
  4. It’s not illegal for the clock but it is in a settings page that can do other things that can break laws in certain states.
  5. Sorry my bad. And I don’t know why. Another question why did they use the square instead of the rectangle then if the rectangle is better? Probably money but there has to be a reason because I payed a ton of money for the bike.
  6. Damn my guy. That is impressive that you track the company down and called them up to ask them. This make a ton of sense known because someone else told me that they block certain features because it is illegal it some states and so they don’t get sued they take them off.
  7. Mate I’ve been trying to find that out for a while now. I don’t think anyone knows.
  8. Ok thank you. I would really like to shed some light on this issue because I looked under and over the forms to find an answer but I couldn't find anything. I think Sondors needs to do a better job of making better instructions or at least have better customer support because I emailed them three times and still I got no answer. Than you reddy for your help on this issue I hope that sondors will try to touch on a few of the points we both made.
  9. It should be the newest one. Mine got shipped August 2018
  10. The user manual is super confusing. I messed up some settings and wanted to reset it does anyone now how to do that? Also how do you set the time
  11. How do I access the time setting's menu I have read the manual and it never says how to access it. Thanks!
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