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  1. Thanks again for your excellent advise! Please keep me posted about your Cyclone BB. I can arrange shipping to Canada when it's ready.
  2. Thanks so much MattRobertson for your kind and detailed response! Could you tell me if the MOJO chainring you mentioned would fit correctly on the Origin8 crank (I assume it does, or you wouldn't have recommended it!). I definitely agree that it's the crank to bottom bracket interface where the movement (clicking) is occuring (and I pretty much knew epoxy wouldn't work, but had no other options). I ride aggressively on hilly trails and weigh 200 lbs, so I'm putting more strain on the cranks than an average rider might., and yes, I've kept them tightened to spec. I'm looking for high quality parts and don't mind the cost. Final question; I assume that I should replace the bottom bracket and not try to re-use the original in case it's worn a bit. I found this one below. Is it the correct sizing? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/high-quality-sealed-bearing-steel-fat-bike-snow-bike-100-177mm-bicycle-bottom-bracket/32696213446.html Thanks again for your valuable insite!
  3. Hi Guys New here, but not to Sondors (own 3). Looking for replacement high-quality cranks with 40 Teeth (original size). I've searched and searched and it seems impossible to find! I don't want the orginal parts as they don't stand up to the use we give the bikes. I also don't wish to go with a larger or smaller chainring as 40 is a perfect balance for our riding. I've tried epoxy to stop the clicking, but it only lasted 10 minutes. Thanks VERY MUCH for any and all insite. I can't be the only one with this problem.
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