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  1. Where can I purchase a new Bomag electric motor for my Sondors Storm? The motor sounds like broken glass being tossed around in there and it quits after a few seconds with the LCD display showing '03 - Info'. Its a BAFANG, not a BOMAG sorry about that! By the way, it is a 36V 350W (10) BF RMG 06. I can't seem to find this particular motor on Amazon. There is a hub at 48V and 750 Watts but they want $500 for it !!! (that is half the price of new bike) Is there a source for the 36V 350W electric motors that fit the fat tire Sondors Storm?
  2. Just went to get on for a ride! Set button to 'ON', Set display to Assist 1 and started to peddle. Unusual noise coming from the motor, nothing to alarming, but motor disengaged and the display read: 03 Info (flashing). Where do I go from here?
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