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  1. Im looking for a Crankset for the Sondors Fold X, 7-speed. ( Square Tapered Crankset, 1/2inch offset, 43t. ) Sondors website is too expensive and I'm having trouble finding this online. Please help. -joe
  2. Thanks Matt! Now, I'm looking for a Square Tapered Crank set, 1/2" offset, 44t. Any ideas? Thanks again!
  3. Hello sondors Forum, I am trying to find out when Sondors will have in stock the 48volt lithium ion battery charger for the Sondors Fold X, 7-speed. The website showed the charger available for 54$ Us, a day or so later the website said out of stock and NOW the website no longer has the 48volt charger page available. Sondors REFUSES to return ANY and ALL email requests for help, so im pleading for help here on the forum. thanks
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