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  1. Andi, sorry, went away for a week and let the reply slide- will do that today-
  2. Thank you- I took your advice, but unfortunately the email address you posted does not exist and my mail bounced back immediately. Thanks for your help- if this is a real thing then I’d like to pursue it, and it’s worth one more email attempt
  3. shoddy motors, I have two sondors bikes and I feel so ripped off by the shoddiness of the materials. im gonna be all over the internet with these pictures soon, this should not be allowed to happen. They’ve sold me pieces of junk, and charged premium prices for them.
  4. I have another topic like this - These look like Neodymium magnets? No? Mine are completely rotted ferrite ones. Thank you for the instructions...
  5. So I hit it with a sledgehammer. theres no signs of water ingress in the casing- seems like very poor quality materials in this motor, or very poor specification. This shouldn’t happen in a quality electric motor, should it?
  6. I took the motor apart, as far as I could. there is a huge amount of rusty iron filings which appears to be coming from the magnets themselves, rotting. It has completely seized the armature. This is far worse than I could possibly have expected; aren’t the magnets supposed to be neodymium? This is my wife’s bike, a hundred miles on it. I have one too, and I feel like I’ve been screwed over for two grand. can anyone recommend a replacement motor?
  7. Chain tension is not the problem. It’s possible that poor quality control in the assembly of the magnets in the Bafang hub is the culprit; it is the only likely cause I’ve identified following an extensive search before posting here. The bike is a lightly used Sondors thin with just over a hundred miles on it. Thank you for the link and the suggestion, much appreciated-
  8. I’ve got exactly the same problem. Has anyone out there been able to diagnose and repair? Have either of you managed to get your bikes going again? thank you joe
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