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  1. I'll take it! My # is xxx-xxx-xxxx PM only, no personal info allowed
  2. I'm interested! I should know by Monday or Tuesday if I'm able to repair the motor I have, if my motor is toast I'll let you know and be buying yours ?
  3. As the title says, I'm looking for a used or new Sondors Fat Tire 350W motor. Any condition is considered, but preferably previously working. Thanks for looking!
  4. I'd also like to note that the lights on the throttle never go out, the controller never seems to lose power when the motor cuts out.
  5. Video of Issue: https://youtu.be/gmx5GSj8ReM Hi folks! I recently acquired a disabled Sondors fat bike and have been trying to nail down the gremlin. Before I start the description, I'd like to note I've recorded a 100second video that best depicts the issue. When first turned on, the throttle will either move the tire a half inch or not at all. If I spin the tire up, or have already peddled up to speed, the motor *might* kick in for a few seconds at a time. I can keep restarting those seconds by letting go and re-engaging the throttle right before it cuts out, or while it is still spinning quickly. During the seconds its working, it provides very adequate torque to get me moving and keep me moving. I'd also like to note that the wire running to the motor gets warm, though as I'm unfamiliar with the bike in working condition I do not know if that is normal. According to the previous owner the throttle and controller have both been replaced, before he called it a day and sold the bike to me. I've hit every sensor and connection I could find with CDC electronics cleaner, but just haven't had any luck. Any suggestions on where to start? Thanks for looking! - Eli
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