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    750 watts Sondors XS

    Hi Matt I am glad they didn't raise the price too. Up in Canada we still pay a lot just because of the dollar difference.
  2. Ronnie

    750 watts Sondors XS

    That is what they are saying for now. Today I put 500.00 down on the new XS. Now I wish Feb 2019 was here.
  3. Ronnie

    750 watts Sondors XS

    On my Sondors site the Sondors XS is sold out. Did all the Kickstart backers get first pick? The Bike goes on sale the 20 of Aug. 2018. Weird?
  4. Ronnie

    New to site

    Hi all I am new to the site, I am looking forward to ordering my Sondors X for Oct 2018, but now I am looking at the 750 watt Sondors X, I may have to hold on to that thought.
  5. Ronnie



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