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  2. Wouldn’t it be nice to get these 2 for the price I paid for the Fold x 7.
  3. Thanks for the info. I was worried about the taller bikes so the 20 inch makes more sense. I also like the idea of having the extra battery power to increase the distance at which I can use pedal assist. I am also worried about getting excited and using up all the battery power and having to pedal the rest of the way home. For that reason I’m pretty sure I want to spend the extra money to get the Shimano gears.
  4. I am not currently a Sondors owner but am gathering information to make a purchase. So many options makes it difficult. Could someone explain how the Shimano gears interact with the pedal assist levels. What impact does changing gears have on increasing speed and diminishing of range? Is there a recommended method for changing gears and adding pedal assist? Also how difficult is it to pedal without the gears if you run out of battery power? I would assume having the extra gears makes it much easier to pedal without battery assist. My second concern is in mounting the bike. Is it much easier to mount the folding bikes than the Original and Sondors X? I have some difficulty in getting on a standard 26 inch bike and wonder if the 20 inch bikes are easier to ride. Thanks again for including me in your group and I hope to be a Sondors owner soon. I am going to the demo days in San Diego this weekend.
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