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  1. I run about 90 psi in my Luna Landers. I just adjust the regulator on my compressor to 90, and fill the forks till air stops going in.
  2. The frame is the same, but the motor housing is different. You can change your single speed into a 3 speed without doing anything to the motor.
  3. biknut

    Fold X / display cable length

    The factory Sondors LCD already somes with a longer LCD cable. Aftermarket LCDs will require a aftermarket controller. Most aftermarket LCDs will require a 6" green extension cable.
  4. Both bikes have a 750w big magnet Bafang. The fatty's 750 is inside the stock 350 motor housing. Fatty has a 48v 30ah battery driving a 35 amp big momma 18 fet controller. The Fold started life as a Foldx7. I replaced the stock 20 x 80mm rims with more sporting 24" x 65mm rims laced to a 750 Lindsey motor, which slightly increases overall gearing over a stock Fold. That still leaves the overall gearing a lot less than the fatty so it's able to make due nicely with just a 25 amp controller, Both bike's lighting is powered off of the main battery.
  5. biknut

    Throttle Assembly?

    This twist throttle is a good 6 wire alternative to a stock thumb paddle.
  6. biknut

    Buffy's Custom Fold

    They're Box, Maximus 8.5 rise, and 31.8 clamp size. They about 29" wide. Extremely well made strong bars. The only drawback is they cost a lot.
  7. biknut

    Tire Splitting/Separating

    Time to buy some new tires
  8. Nobody makes one at this time. This is how I converted to a bigger motor plug. Notice the shrink tube where the wires are soldered. You will probably also have to solder the throttle cable on too.
  9. biknut

    Buffy's Custom Fold

    I didn't feel comfortable trying unsolder from the board. I just cut the wires about an inch from the board, and spliced to them.
  10. biknut

    Buffy's Custom Fold

    The bigger motor cable for the 750 was soldered to the controller. I just opened the controller, chopped the wires, and soldered the bigger cable to them. It works exactly the same as the smaller cable.
  11. biknut

    Buffy's Custom Fold

    There's very little difference in weight, or performance. Mostly just looks. Tire selection will be limited because only the shortest profile tires will fit without hitting the frame or forks.
  12. biknut

    Buffy's Custom Fold

    Nobody makes one. I had to solder one on to mine.
  13. biknut

    Buffy's Custom Fold

    This is where I bought the rims. They're 24 x 65mm double wall. http://www.robsson.de/en/ The hub is just a sealed bearing 135mm for disk brakes. I bought it on Amazon You'll want to find as low profile tires as possible because there's not much extra space between the tire and fork, and also the chain stay.
  14. biknut

    Buffy's Custom Fold

    24" wheels, and 750w motor with 25 amp controller.

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