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  1. Hello Sondors owners, is it true that, for the Sondors Fold / Fold X, the Air Shocks front suspension fork and the (front) fender set, are not compatible with each other, as stated here? If so, is there any workaround to make it fitting? Thanks. regards biker47
  2. Thank you for your post, Shocker. I´ve decided to help myself with a voltage regulator, which is able to deliver the appropriate voltage for those bikes.
  3. Hello Sondors owners, as far as I know the Sondors Fold "48V"-version has a 13s-Lithium-Ion-battery, which means voltage is at 54,6 volts fully charged. I was wondering if it is possible to run the 48V-Fold with an 11s auxiliary battery, which has a voltage of 46.2 volts fully charged. I am thinking about this because my other electric bike has a 36V-controller which runs at 46.2 volts max.. If 46.2V works with the Sondors Fold, I could use the auxiliary battery for both bikes. Does anyone know if the 48V Fold works with 11s? Thanks. regards biker47
  4. Hello there, does Sondors give an information about the rider weight limit for the Fold / Fold X model? I wasn´t able to find anything. regards Chris
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