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  1. I got the 2 spokes replaced at Bike Attack in Santa Monica for $25, pretty good deal.
  2. I want to order this Sonders 14k 36v battery for $269, but it does not specify if it will fit the THIN bike. Anyone know? https://sondors.com/collections/parts-store/products/battery-36v-12-8ah-for-original-2017
  3. I will also check the Facebook groups but wondering if anyone has had to replace missing or broken spokes or found a shop to do this. I'd rather pay someone with experience to fix it in Los Angeles. One shop quoted me around $40 if they can find the spoke or get one custom made. I have contacted Sondors support via email ticket twice with no replies in weeks.
  4. Hi everyone, I recently bought my first Sondors Thin ebike from ebay and love it. About a month and 50+ miles later I'm noticing decreased range/speed/pwer and the green LED is no longer coming on the throttle and one of 4 leds on the battery is now showing red. Is it possible to get bad cells replaced or do it myself since I have a voltmeter already, is it a pain or worth the hassle vs. selling this one and buying a 14amp battery from Sondors for $269? I like the idea of a faster bike more than repairing my old battery to get back to it's original state. Although if it's like $40 to fix it that seems tempting.
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