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  1. How do I set the PAS to 0 on the display? When I turn it on it defaults to 2 pas.
  2. How many wires in total did you solder? Are they all color coded to know what wires connect to each other?
  3. Inside the controller is each wire connected to a terminal and did you disconnect the old wires from the terminals and than solder the new wires to each corresponding terminal or did you splice the new wires onto the old wires ?
  4. Hello, Is there really a noticeable difference if I put a 52V battery in my 2018 SONDORS X 7 speed 750W and 35A controller? I will be upgrading the SONDORS X7 and putting a 35A controller + 750W Motor, the bike currently has the 48V stock battery. I’m looking for more low end torque , easier hill climbing and high end speed of possiblely 28 plus mph. I was going to put the LX52 battery in the bike but Do I really need it to get the results I listed ? I am under 180lbs. Thoughts and Suggestions... Thank you
  5. Did you solder the new cable onto the controller and not motor? are the wires color coded so you know which wire connects where ? Also after the new connector was soldered on did everything work as it normally would. I read somewhere on these forums that it may not work because of compatibility, just asking to make sure. I know to buy the new wire harness to solder onto the controller. Thanks
  6. Nice bike. Do you know where I can find a 25A controller with the correct motor plug already installed on It to plug into my 750 Bafang motor. Thanks
  7. Hello. I am looking for a 25A controller that has the correct motor plug on the end to fit a 750 watt Bafang motor. I think the 25A controllers come with a 9 pin motor connector and I need it to be a 3 pin motor connector. The controller needs to be for a SONDORS Ebike ( 2018 Fold X ). Please share a link to the controller or web site where it is in stock and can be purchased. Than you
  8. Hi, I am waiting delivery of my Fold X 2018 model 5PAS ,7Speed, 500 watt motor. Bike shipped same day I ordered it. I also ordered an aftermarket LCD, 25A Controller, Thumb Throttle, LCD extension cable and Hydraulic Disk Brakes. How is your motor holding up with the 25A controller? You mentioned it may burn out the motor so that s why I am asking.
  9. Do you have a link to what Mr. SONDORS said about the suspension fork because I am on the fence about getting one or not. I searched Facebook and can’t find what you say Mr.Sondors said.
  10. Is December the correct shipping date ? Thank you
  11. Thank you for your help. So you don’t have any over heating ? Any pictures of your install. Thanks again
  12. Thank you very much for the help. I don’t mine that they are a China company, I have bought from them before. I didn’t know if the Hydraulic Brakes would be ok on a frame that bent in half and not destroy the brake lines. Thanks again for the links to the products.
  13. Doug, Did the 25a controller fit in the Fold X without any modifications?
  14. Hello, My Question is : Can I put Hydraulic Disk Brakes on a SONDORS Fold X ? If I can and if anyone has done this can you help with tips if there’s problems that might be encountered during the install. Thank you
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