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  1. @Chad Lauterbach Can you give me some advise on a crank set? Or anyone reading this! My freewheel failed so I replaced it and would like to upgrade my crank set and chainring while I'm at it but, when I'm looking at these there are options that I don't understand for my Thin. ex. 165mm, 170mm, 175mm and 180mm?? Thanks in advance. john
  2. Thanks @Chad Lauterbach! Those settings worked great and somehow have given me more battery life. Did you come up with those parameters yourself or was that somewhere on the web that I missed? Doesn't matter just curious. Thanks again. Now to determine what to spend my money on next!
  3. @Chad Lauterbach why did you not upgrade to the 3sp?
  4. Thanks @Chad Lauterbach! I also have the LT48 14.4Ah. Hopefully this gets me going. Currently after a week it thinks I have been almost 400 miles haha. Only really been about 160. Have you done any other upgrades? In my commute I've determined I definitely want the suspension fork, a Suntour seat post as well as new brakes. Any advise?
  5. Hey @Chad Lauterbach or anyone else that would know, I just upgraded my battery and controller on my Thin as well as added the LCD. Everything works great but my mileage is WAY off! I set the wheel size to 28" as I thought that's what this bike has but... What is the correct setting here? Thanks john
  6. Hey guys. I recently purchased a used Thin to use for commuting to work. I have browsed around here for a month or so trying to get a feel for the bike and what are important upgrades. My thin did not have the LCD and since I am a big fella, 6'9" about 265, I bought a LCD, 25 amp controller and LT48 14.4Ah battery along with a new seat and rear rack. Being tall is a thing and no way around it so I make do with this like all things but any other recommendations? My commute is 32 miles round trip and I've done it several times and everything seems to be ok. Only real problem is that when trying to set up my LCD, I set it to a 28" wheel and that in no way is correct because my mileage and speed are way off. Ideas? I also saw that some had problems getting this battery in the Thin box securely and if anyone is interested I'd share what I did. It fits perfectly snug with plenty of room for the controller and all of the wiring. Thanks john
  7. @alienmeatsack - I'm new and have enjoyed reading your posts as I just purchased a Thin for commuting. I'm a tall guy at about 250 and was thinking about upgrading the front suspension. Is it your opinion that I leave the original or get a high quality fork rather than go with the Sondors upgrade? Thanks
  8. johnc


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