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  1. Hi Andi, I submitted a request to sondors in the chat box and they gave me the support email. I emailed a week ago and haven't heard anything back. Reddi had me purchase a multimeter and I tested the battery and the charger and both came back at 42 v. This is my first time with an electric bike and I only rode it 3 times before the thing died. This is really disappointing and the customer service experience is only making things worse. The charger stays on a green light which makes sense as the multimeter shows the battery is charged. The LCD intially comes with one bar but if t
  2. I have the upgraded battery 10.5 Ah and the 7 speed thin. The battery ran out on a ride 6 miles in. I took it home and put it on the charger. Switch was in the off position. Battery was still in the bike, plugged battery into charger and then into wall. Thought everything was good. Next day, battery showed one bar and was blinking and then no bars and blinking. Still powered the LCD but no engine power. Plugged the charger back up and now I get power to the wheel but the LCD shows only one bar.
  3. I just got my sondors thin last week and went on a three rides. It rode fine for the first three rides and I charged it with the protocol given. On my fourth ride, the battery died about 6 miles into a ride and I had to ride in unpowered home. Always plugged the charger into the battery before the wall. The plug does have a little play in the battery. I followed the proper charging protocol but now the battery won't accept any charge. I plug in the charger to the battery and then plug it in the wall and I get a green light and it stays green. I unplug the battery put it in the bike and I
  4. I'm putting together my seven speed condors thin and it looks different from the assembly videos in that there is no lighted up grey part on the throttle with a button. The throttle is just a black lever. Is this right? I did order the LCD screen and am installing it now.
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