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    Sondors fold X 7spd upgrade crank?

    Well, I can't find cheaper cranks within spec. I just want something that won't break again lol. Most crank sets are 44+ USD. I'll need pedals, foldable pedals are expensive, throw your own price on that. Then if I want a sprocket for a multi speed bike, that'll cost me a well. Even through sondors is 100 for crank and pedals. Their chat support told me to watch the video and email them lol.
  2. Chris Foster

    Sondors fold X 7spd upgrade crank?

    I'm building my own crank now. Sondors support won't email me back from either of their email addresses. No big deal really. I knew it was like this going into the purchase. The downside, is I have to shovel out $100+ dollars for a full custom crank set. Definitely over $100 if you include pedals, since one was damaged too. And foldable pedals are expensive. This will get me a bulletproof set up.... I hope. If nothing else, a set I can be proud of. BUT... since the pedal and the crank threads were damaged so heavily, I sprayed the threads of both with white lithium grease, grabbed a long wrench, and forced the pedal into the crank. I'm sure this sounds very primitive of me lol, especially since they did not want to go back together properly. However, this allows me to at least take the bike on short trips around the block, without standing up. I really really love my bike. I'll take it easy until I get the new crank parts and start assembling it.
  3. I, like another few here, have had the issue where the sondors crank threads stripped and the pedal started to fall out. Edit: The bike is a 7speed Fold X, for anyone curious. I've done some reading, and there were some messages about, suggesting POSSIBLE short thread depth. I could try to fulfill my warranty, but I'd rather just get an upgraded crank or pair of arms. Now, before I go exploring myself, does anyone have the torque settings for the crank main bolt? And of course, what crank would go great with this bike? I was looking at this set, Pure Fixie Crankset Fixed Gear ... <- link to amazon. Although a red crank set would look wild on a white frame with indigo wheels lol, I noticed it doesn't have the side wall things for the 7 speed. Can you just get those anywhere? Great bike so far, and a REAL head turner. But it's like a nice sports car, only dudes are lookin' at it, haha! Anyway, super thanks!

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