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  1. I have a black Thin and wanted to see what's a good touch up paint or product to use. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thought I would add my thoughts here.... Background: I'm 52 yr young guy who has been riding consistently for over 33 years. I've own some 20+ bikes in my lifetime from mountain to road. I've never competed or raced but have attended numerous organized rides and centuries. I'm 5'7" with a 29 jean inseam. I live in Seattle and have a mix of flats and hills. Bike fit: I was concerned that the 19" frame was going to be too big for me since I tend to ride 16-17ish sized frames. Happy to report that the Thin framed works for me. From the seat post clamp to the bottom of the saddle holder, there's maybe a 2 inch clearance. Enough for a small saddle bag or clamp style rear fender. So you know, that's me sitting on top of the saddle and enough to up my foot (tip toe to be specific) down. Stem and handle bars are stock. Only switched out the saddle and added bar ends. Single gear or multi?: I wanted to stay basic so went for the single gear. I prefer to ride with a cadence of mid 80's to mid 90's. Happy to report that in about that range, I'm able to travel at at 18-20 mph... flat ground, no wind, and a PAS 1. Single is all I need. Stock Battery: My best guess is that if I stay in PAS 1, I can get about 22-28 miles. YMMV Must do: Remove the stock rim tape and put better ones on like cloth style. If you go for a tune up, have someone add grease to the bottom bracket. Personal uses: Quick run to the store. Towing my kids on a Trail-a-bike. Soon to be trailing a single kayak. Non sweaty 5 mile commute to work. And the best part... I can train aerobic and anaerobic without going to the point of no return. Same goes for hills... I can also pay around with lactic acid thresholds and get help with the throttle at any time. I purchased the Thin thinking it as a stepping stone into Ebikes. Maybe adding multi gears, and upgrading the motor, controller and higher voltage for more speed. But I'm happy to say that it's really perfect as is. Which is fine by me and my pocket book.
  3. Hi all, I thought I would share some of my findings regarding Luna's KT-LCD3 and P5 - Power Monitoring Mode. I have the basic Thin with an upgraded screen and controller from Luna Cycle. Once hooked up, I notice that the battery level on the screen did not match the battery level that's on the battery. Once down to 0 level on the screen, I can see there's still some power left on the battery. So here's what I found. If you get to the P5 function on the screen, you'll find that you can change the setting from 0 to 12. For the Thin, I've seen 5 as a default. So off for a ride I go, having a great time, and later found myself down to nothing on the screen. I've figured that I've drained the battery down for the low voltage protector to kick in. Bike was a tank to pedal and had about 2.5 miles to get home... along with a few hills. I then remember someone saying that if you set the setting to 0, then you can get a real time of the batteries voltage. Sure enough, the meter showed 1 bar and was able to get the controller above the low voltage protector for the bike to move. I also noticed that if I set the PAS to 2, the low voltage would kick in as well as using any throttle. So as long as I left the PAS to 1, and provided and extra effort in peddling, I was able to get home. I also want to note that if you set P5 at 5, the battery level drops at a faster rate from 2 to 1 as compared to 4 to 3. YMMV
  4. Sounds like a faulty battery. But a charge should stay consistent for days maybe a few weeks, if not in use. If it's loosing a charge, then the battery is bad. Also it could be a faulty charger. My best guess is that it takes about 3.5-4 hours to fully charge the 36V 8.8 ah battery. Do this... if you think you have a fully charged battery, read the total voltage on the screen. In theory a full battery in this set up should read 42 (basically 4.2 per cell). The max I've been able to charge is 41.8... which is fine by me. If your battery take about double that to charge (7-8 hours) then the charger is charging at 1 amp instead of 2. And the volt meter on the screen will also tell you if you are loosing a charge if you record the numbers at various times/days. Good luck.
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