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  1. any idea when or if a Thin battery will be available?
  2. i forgot...the bent seat post might make the handlebars out of reach. the solution is different handlebars
  3. you know how the description says the bike fits most people. well, I'm 6' tall and it didn't fit me. so the solution is to buy a bent seat post. they sell them on Amazon. Also, dunno if any of you have this issue, but my pedals spin when I walk the bike. This is a problem because the bike will take off on you if you don't turn the power off. I asked Sondors what was wrong and they told me to turn the power off. Well, if you want this fixed, the solution is new bearings in the bottom bracket. you can get those on Amazon too.
  4. I have 100 miles on this bike and it's still running. Reddy has helped me understand that the Sonders bike is basically a project bike that people love to upgrade. So, that understood, he's directed me to Lunacycle. That company looks awesome. Unfortunately, my last post was too "negative" to remain open. I hope this one meets the forum requirements.
  5. tighten the headset? that's the first thing i did. as Reddy said above...it's an inferior fork. I think Reddy's right. That's why more expensive forks are tapered, maybe?
  6. it's a drag because the bike takes off when you walk it. also, i've noticed that the suspension fork has slop in the tube under the stem. if you hold the front brake and press forward on the handlebars you see and feel the fork move in the tube under the stem. i'm sure there's probably no fixing this, but the pedals ratting when you walk the thing is dangerous. i've almost run over people
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