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  1. Hi REDDY, Thanks for the tips and the Battery Voltage table. FYI, my Sondors X has an upgraded 25 Amp controller, so the two are fairly similar. I fully charged both batteries, X battery read 53.6V and XS battery read 53.2V, so seems that test is good. I swapped the two batteries and rode both bikes with my wife. We did 14 miles with no problems. The XS battery was down one to 50.1V, so again seems about right. X battery was a little better, but my extra 50 lb body weight probably accounted for that. The next day I put the XS battery back in the XS bike and rode it hard (lots of hill
  2. I have a Sondors XS (48V triangle battery) and the battery dies quickly after about 10 miles of riding and after being fully charged. The bars on the display quickly disappear. My Sondors X with the same battery is good for 30+ miles and smoothly discharges as you use it. Seems like the battery is dying, but are there any other faults that can lead to this symptom? I guess I can simply swap batteries between my 2 bikes to prove it.
  3. Thanks Reddy and Andi, extremely useful. Now all I need is the admin password for the XS. I get my correct upgrade kit (color LCD and 25A controller) for my X this week. This manual will be applicable to that as well since they are identical LCDs. I hope the admin password that Charlie passed on (1665) will give me access to the X upgrade LCD. Interestingly, the PAS settings for the XS LCD seem different than for the upgrade kit. That PAS settings for the XS are very close to what I would set them (from the power meter, I am estimate 1-15%, 2-30%, 3-50%, 4-70%, 5-95%). The X upgrade colo
  4. Charlie, Where did you get this info from? Doesn’t seem to work on my new XS.
  5. Ronnie, the wait is worth it. It is awesome! I went for a good ride today and it was way better than my X. You will have fund with it in Canada. I think it would be great in the snow too. All the best. ... Sam
  6. To give you an idea of timing for these limited special runs, I ordered my XS (the first batch made available) on August 20, 2018. It arrived yesterday January 3, 2019. So 4+ months. That is a long long wait, so be patient! Also, I had to pay for mine in full up front. It is worth the wait.
  7. My Sondors XS finally arrived yesterday (after more than 4 months of waiting) and I have assembled and taken for a test ride. I already own a Sondors X so I can make a good comparison to the XS. Actually, the XS is my wife's bike as we want to ride together (especially beach rides), but I am sure she'll allow me to ride it from time to time. Comments/thoughts below: Positive differences to X version: Well built, better quality than the X. Bolts tightened correctly, brake pads in correct location, wheel alignment good. 750W motor is very nice for steep hills Hydraulic brakes are exce
  8. Thanks Reddy, I’ll pay 3 x the price and get it direct from Sondors. Really appreciate your expert help. Thanks
  9. Found the problem. A pin on the throttle connector was bent over. I was unable to straighten it, so need a new throttle. Is this the correct replacement for the Sondors X? https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Right-Left-thumb-throttle-for-Bafang-8fun-BBS01-02-03-electric-bicycle-motor-kit/904105_32755149120.html?gps-id=5298742&scm=1007.14677.110221.0&scm_id=1007.14677.110221.0&scm-url=1007.14677.110221.0&pvid=2b29236e-0a00-434c-9738-3818cb5c2ff0&spm=a2g1y.promotion-20181111.promoteRecommendProducts_6161770.0 The Bafang 500W motor has the following written on i
  10. Update, it has now thrown an error code No.22, Throttle Abnormality. Could the wrong controller have fried the throttle in some way?
  11. Hi, I purchased a new color LCD/25A controller for my Sondors X but it had no throttle function as I inadvertently purchased a single speed unit. I returned this to Sondors and re-installed the old original unit. It now does not work. My LCD comes live, I can change the pedal assist level but the motor is not working at all. The motor is not providing any assistance when I pedal or when I use the throttle. The battery is fully charged and there are no error codes displayed. I have checked all the electrical connections. Can someone please guide me with basic trouble shooting. Thank
  12. Thanks. Also, it now needs an admin password to get into the "advanced" settings. Anyone know what this admin password is?
  13. Hi Reddy kW, this is not the correct LCD screen model. I have purchased a controller/LCD upgrade for my Sondors X which I believe is the same one as the Sondors XS (I will receive my new XS very soon). The new screen is portrait oriented rather than landscape as the KT3 is and has many more features as well as a color display. Do you know the model of this LCD screen? Please see attached scan from Sondors basic user manual. Do you have access to the user manual? Scan Dec 26, 2018 at 12_53 PM.pdf
  14. Hi, I purchased a new Sondors XS when it was first released (still don’t have it, end December I’m told). Also purchased a recently promoted LCD/controller upgrade for my existing Sondors X. Questions: 1) are they the same LCD? 2) what model of LCD are they? 3) please send the link to the user manual I am eager to reconfigure the settings as soon as I get these so having this info on hand will help me. thanks SamCR
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