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  1. Saltydog


    Hey Marco Thudbusters are expensive. Let your butt be your guide. On one of my non ebike, fat bikes, also outfitted with Vee Rubber Speedsters, ( I call this my "Road Bike"), I use an old, well sprung, comfort bike seat, with a large gel seat cover from Amazon. It is very comfortable and fast. Received my Fold X couple of weeks ago. It is nice but needs some mods of course. Sondors gives you a platform, a canvas to express your creativity. I ordered a single speed so as not to worry about derailleurs, and the extra maintenance, especially for a folding bike that gets, thrown into trunks and vans.. As I expected this setup quickly over revs the pedal input, causing you to freely rotate the crankset for no other reason than to make the motor drive. I like to contribute to the driving force so I have removed the single speed 16 tooth freewheel cog and am waiting for a 14 tooth and a 12 tooth option to arrive from Amazon. I think this will be easier than swapping out the 44 tooth 1/2 x 1/8 chain ring. BTW my X and Thin7 appear to have a 40 tooth 3/32 x 1/2 chain and ring because they have gears. The way to operate my Fold X bike will then be to use the throttle to assist any initial drive away struggle (or for hills) then use the planned higher ratio gearing and variable PAS for normal travel. I'm also still waiting for my fender/rack option. My Sondors X runs really well with the earlier mentioned mods. I have selected a smaller 26 inch wheel size on the LCD. Speedsters are only 3.5 inch thick. That seems to make it quicker. Of course the speed limiter is set to 72 k. It is very quiet and rides lower. The Speedsters are not good on loose pack or mud, but are fine on wet pavement and grass, even shore line, hard packed, beach sand. I'm not changing the Thin 7 yet , (suspension fork with a LT, old Thudbuster). It is fine as it is, like as sports car compared to the lumbering X. I'm waiting for my spare extended range battery. This is fun for retired millwright. Enjoy your summer riding
  2. Hi Steve. I had strange sounds and error code 03 on my Thin a while back. I disconnected and reconnected the plug on the chain stay several times without success. I eventually removed the rear wheel and disassembled the motor hub. Couldn't see anything obvious. I put more lithium grease in the plastic hub gears and re assembled. To my surprise it worked perfectly. I don't know what I did. One thing it could be is a damaged wire in the cable near the hub, where the guard is. The cable could be damaged from a fall or even a bump up against a rock. Just the guard being there shows that there is a issue. If one wire was broken (Hall sensor) then put in a different position during my reassemble, it could complete the circuit . So try bending the cable a little around the hub, and see if anything changes. Or get a multi meter and check the continuity of the wires in the cable from plug to motor. Good Luck Brian
  3. Saltydog


    I have the long travel Thudbuster on my X. I think every bit helps. I will probably order a suspension fork when they are available- Sondors says later this summer. I could go to lower tire pressure for a softer ride but the downside of that is screaming tires and self steer on pavement. I have a pair of low rolling resistance, quiet, VeeRubber Speedsters ready for after the suspension fork install. They require high tire pressure but the new fork will help smooth much of that out. I'm having a small problem with the Thudbuster. The actual seat keeps coming loose. I'll figure it out I have an old, long travel Thudbuster on my Thin. Along with the suspension fork it rides very smoothly and quietly.. To
  4. Saltydog

    Looking for Fold X 25amp Upgrade Info

    Hi. I just did a similar upgrade on my X with the same parts from Electrobikeworld and I just want to clarify that you need the Throttle with the black 6 pin HIGO connector. The OEM controller and throttle use a three pin connector. Good Luck. Mine works great. Nick at Electrobikeworld is very helpful.
  5. Saltydog


    Finished the Sondors X. Everything seems to work well. It needs a few more adjustments. softer start, speed limiter etc. Basically plug and play except for the battery connection, You have to recover the metal, aircraft type connector from the old controller, remove the plug type connectors from the black and red controller leads and connect to black and red wires from the connector to those wires of the same colour. You could solder. I just used Marr connectors and electrical tape. The controller itself was easy to mount using Velco tape, onto the rear of the enclosure- very secure with lots of room. The pedal assist cable was long enough and didn't require an extension but I did add an extension to the Green, HIGO, connector cable to the LCD. It has a good torque increase for hills, a modest speed increase, is a little jumpy in PA-05 or with throttle and uses the battery up much quicker. Best to use low pedal assist and save the extra torque for hills. Good thing the X has a large battery. I might not upgrade my Thin7 just to keep the good range. I have ordered a second, extended range battery for that. I find my Thin7 , with the suspension fork and Thudbuster more comfortable to ride on paved or hard packed. The X is like a tank, goes anywhere, powerful, weighs a ton.
  6. Hi Marco I forgot to paste related info from my contact with Nick at Electrobikewrold. His return email to me
  7. Hi Marco I will be modifying my X this spring. and my Thin7. I have a Fold X on order. My plan is to approach things gradually. I have received a 25A controller and accompanying LCD screen from Electro Bike World https://electrobikeworld.com/. I wasn't too impressed with the CS at Luna Cycle who once told me "We just sell the stuff- can't tell you what it works with.". Nick was very helpful and has a modified X of his own. I can try the controller on all my bikes before proceeding to the next steps. There are dimensional issues with larger controllers. And some set ups need extension cables. The stock Thin stock controller has cables coming out top and bottom. I have learned that you should order an LCD screen from the same supplier as the controller. They are programmed to work together. Also Sondors has changed the cable to the throttle from the more standard 6 pin to a three pin cable. You should order a throttle from the same supplier. Also the upgrade controllers I have seen do not use the newer metal, aircraft type, threaded battery connector used on the triangle batteries in the newer Sondors bikes. This requires a splice joining the black and red cables from an upgrade controller to a the black and red wires of a Sondors oem controller connector snipped off your old controller. You can splice this in several ways- solder, butt connectors then heat shrink, even wire nuts then taped. With the wires coming out the bottom you may need an extension for the LCD "green" cable. Depending where you mount he controller you may need an extension for the PAS "yellow" cable. ElectroBikeworld has all these parts I just want to use the OEM batteries-I have ordered a spare high cap for my Thin. and just wish to ugrade the controllers at this time. If that all works, then maybe move on to the next level. I think your X may be very similar in components to a NA model. Ebike manufacturers play games with ratings. Rad Rover uses the continuous rating to beat regulations. You may you have the same X as mine but is described differently due to local regulations. If that is true you should know as ElectroBW told me, they can sell you a 750W Bafang motor, then you take out the existing rotor and swap it into the oem 500W laced wheel- fits perfectly into the hub housing, and they sell an 35A controller, and LCD, and throttle for such a conversion. So I would examine your oem motor to see if it is really a Bafang 500W motor. If it is the same as the NA spec, start with a 25A controller, LCD, throttle upgrade. If not go to a new 750W motor, 35A controller, LCD and throttle that would have to be laced in by some local bike shop. I wouldn't bother with the headache of powering the front wheel. Your battery will empty faster and you won't need it after other upgrades - and you will have the smaller motor to put back in for after you retire. Good Luck Brian
  8. Saltydog


    Hello. I am new to the group. I live in Toronto and I am proud owner of an X , a Thin 7 and have a Fold X on order. Currently we are covered with ice and snow, but spring will be here soon. My plans are to upgrade my bike s and am gathering info and parts. All three will have upgraded controllers to 25A, aftermarket matching LCDs and new 6 pin throttles, all from Electro Bike World www.electrobikeworld.com I see there is helpful info in this forum. I'll keep people informed

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