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  1. Doug McDow

    Doug McDow

  2. Yes, it will not mount on the bracket. So I just wedged a piece of a plastic ice tray in to keep it from moving. It is working fine. I am sure that their are better ways to secure it, but the tray worked for me. Lindsey used a rag and that worked for her.
  3. Yes, they have everything that you will need, Ask for Lindsey or email her at lindseyh2017@gmail.com
  4. The 25A controller works great! I have over 125 miles since the upgrade and not a problem. It is a little faster, a lot quicker, more towing power , and more torque on the hills where I live. I bought the Controller from Lindsey at www.Electrobike.com. She will set you up with everything that you need!
  5. Programming! When I turn the LCD on it lights up and all readouts appear to be correct. Then when I try to go to P-1 it will not go there. I push the up and down buttons at the same time for 3 seconds, but it will not change to the P setting. Help This is my new 25 amp controller and the LCD which I installed today!
  6. Thanks, I am ready to program . Hope that it goes well. Thank for all the help from everyone! ??
  7. I have one red wire left over, is that for the lights
  8. Thanks to Lindsey, my 25A controller, LCD, and extension cable came today. Not sure when I will start on the fold, but I may need some support. Please stand by
  9. Good to hear,hope that I have as good luck with the fold! I am patiently waiting for Lindsey to ship the 25 A controller and LCD! My morning ride!
  10. Can someone tell the settings to use on the new LCD when changing the stock controller on a fold from 15a to 25a
  11. My name is Doug and I just joined the forum. I haven’t bought a Sondors bike yet, but I am researching. Just wonder if anyone has the Thin? If so, would you give me your opinion. Thanks
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