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  1. Brent Christensen

    20a controller to a KT-LCD3 wendy

    I have the new Display its a KT-LCD3 and a new 20a controller All from Velomobileshop. My dog chewed both ends off befor i could installe them. I know wireing schematic from the LCD and that says red-volts Blue-control black-GND green is Data1 yellow is data2. I have the same colors coming out of the controller.(thats what I have just wires ends are chewed up) I have hooked it up color to same color. Then my thumb control and battier display do not work. and my speed is way off fast going like 10mph it says like 40mph. Any help would be great.
  2. I am trying to install a 20A controller on my Sonders. My puppy chewed the ends off my controller and LCD. Can anyone tell me what colors go together? Blue green red yellow black. I hooked it up by matching the colors but my throutal did not work. My mph where way of and my battier inducator did not work. any help would be great. All parts came from Velomobileshop. KT-LCD3 display.
  3. Brent Christensen

    20a controller to a KT-LCD3 wendy

    I have a 20A controller by Velomobileshop and a KT-LCD3 display. Long storie short I am installing this and need to know what color wires go together. Blue,green,red,black and yellow. (my puppy chewed the ends off) any help would be great . I tryed just matching the colors together and my battie indocator didnot work thumb controll did not work and speed was way off. Thanks

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