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  1. Can you let me know what type of tool I need to remove the right side pedal crank, so I can replace the magnet disc? I have a Fold X from Summer 2018. Couldn't find anything here in the forum. Thnx Ralf
  2. This is what I also thought. So I ordered the part with the help of Sondors support. But Sondors seems to have a problem with their little ‚warehouse‘ in Europe. They 2x delivered the wrong Fold X Controller. I got the newer one for models starting from Jan 2019 (short cables and different connector to the break levers). I have a summer 2018 model..... now they ordered it again from the US, but I guess the Summer is over before I get this one 😞 many thnx for your help by the way ....
  3. Hi. Here some more infos to the symptoms: when i ride the bike, the motor stops the pedal support intermittently, sometime for some seconds sometimes for minutes or longer. On the display you can see that even though I have switched to level 4 , the bars indicating the support do not show up at all - like no support. You also can not hear the sound of the motor. I already disconnected the cable with the green plug an connected the ‚dongle‘ , but this did not change anything. I had the impression, that pedal support came back after briefly using the left break several times. But it might be ju
  4. Hi. Thnx for the info. The Magnet disk and distance to the sensor is ok. Short Q: The switches are these just contact closures? Can you briefly explain what you mean by ‚Make sure your brake cable to the caliper is not binding‘ ? The problem is that Sondors does not offer right now the lever for the Fold X (2018), and my last oder at Bolton has still not arrived in Germany - after 4 weeks....
  5. On my fold x I suspect a faulty left brake lever cut off switch. Intermittently the pedal support stops. I first thought it’s the controller, and ordered a new one (did not arrive yet). But now I think it’s cut off switch. On today’s tour I recognized that when pedal assist failed, I could pull the left break back very briefly and let it flip back. Doing that 2-3 times always restored pedal assist. Question: can this switch be repaired? I saw that there are 2 screws to open that part of the break....
  6. Hello. I just figured out, that the plate with the magnets for the pedal assist sensor is broken at several places. I have a Two years old Fold x, 7 speed, European Version. Any idea where I can buy new ones which ship to Europe?
  7. Hallo, weiß jemand wo ich Bremsklötze für das Fold X in Deutschland kaufen kann? Sind welche von einem bestimmten Hersteller kompatibel mit den Bremsen vom Fold-x (BJ 2018)? Hello, does anyone know where I can buy brake pads for the Fold-X in Germany? Are any from a specific manufacturer compatible with Fold-x brakes (build 2018)?
  8. Am 26.8. ist wieder Tag der Detuschen Weistrasse. Die Gesamte Strecke von Scweigen-rechtenback bis Grünstadt ist autofrei und nur zu Fuß, Fahrrad, Skates etc zugänglich! Infos: https://www.pfalz.de/erlebnistag-deutsche-weinstrasse#
  9. Rheinzabern, Pfalz, Germany I have now my two Fold's since begin of June - and they are really a lot of fun to ride. A friend liked them so much that she actually ordered one for the next shipping in late autumn (hopefully this year ?). In the meanwhile I have pimped them up with a bell and a smart phone cradle. I use the Komoot App - which is really great. I have asked another friend of mine if she could create a kind of carrying bag, which would allow us to more easily put them into the back of my car - let's see how this works out. Have fun to all Ralf Picture bel
  10. Ralf Honsberg

    Ralf Honsberg

  11. Meine 2 Sondors Fold sind heute angekommen ?? Aber da ich in Frankreich in Urlaub bin sehe ich sie erst in 8 Tagen ?
  12. Habe mittlerweile auch ne Antwort: I am happy to inform you that your SONDORS order is expected todeliver to you from our Netherlands fulfillment center in the next2-3 weeks.
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