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    How goes the work?
  2. Thanks for the feedback Brian/Saltydog! I'll update the AWD thread as/when things all come together, but for now, a quick update. @biknut - Thanks for the lead on the rims. These were the first things to turn up. VERY! impressed with Rob at Robs'son. I now have a couple of double walled rims sat in my office at work, waiting... @MattRobertson - Seriously... What a legend! I need to peg back my man crush for this fella, so lets just go with - The Magura brakes. Being of similar physical characteristics, I have taken the plunge here. @Reddy Kilowatt - Simply for keeping it real. You know what I mean by that. Its a bike not a motorbike right Reddy @Houshmand Moarefi - For being a/the pioneer (on here at least) for all things AWD. @e-bike-technologies.de - For humoring me. And of course Wendy at Pasion eBike, albeit I don't think she is actually on this forum is she? Shame really. So err.... yeah. I am building an AWD bike. My current predicament is lacing up the wheel sets. I have a couple of LBS (Local Bike Shops) that will do this for me, but I am yet to make a decision on what to do for the best here. Hopefully none of them are active on here I'll update the AWD thread once I've made some solid progress. Honestly. I will. Past that, the battery I'll simply put together myself. 2x 35a controllers from Pasion eBike. Rims from Robs'son - http://www.robsson.de/en/ Hub motors from Pasion eBike LCD - Cycle Analyst v3 that is VERY, VERY! likely to come from @e-bike-technologies.de Brakes - Read the Magura thread here: https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1668-the-magura-brake-project/ Sondors X due to arrive at the end of May, last time I checked with the live chat. A few odds and ends via AliExpress (which I never even knew about until I joined this forum, so thanks for that) & flea bay, that include a baby, and I mean baby torque wrench, gloves, pump, spare tubes, break bleed kit, a custom charger, and some other odds and ends. At this juncture (I don't even have the bike yet!) I think perhaps I will pause until the wheels are laced up and on the bike. I am going to review the gearing once I've got a few miles under my belt. Ditto the saddle. But probably in a reversed priority. AKA saddle/seat post before gears. I will probably do the handle bars when/if the saddle goes, so that all the ergonomics can all be taken care of in one go. Peddles/tires can stay - for now. If/when they brake I will revisit them. So yeah, when things start to come together I will start adding to the AWD thread. But in the mean time.... I've added a few things to the market place https://sondorsforum.com/forum/12-sondors-ebikes-parts-marketplace/ for those that might be interest? EG: 1) Stock brakes. Inc levers, rotors, pads and cables 2) Original wheel sets 3) KD51 LCD and the stock controller Photos to follow...
  3. Marco

    Battery Upgrade For First Generation

    @biknut - what config is your battery pack, and what cells are you using??? About all I know is the cells are Samsung 18650
  4. Thanks Matt, I think I will keep this on the back burner... In the UK we have to worry about nose weight. My limit is 90KG, so whilst I did spend a little time looking at motorcycle carriers, the whole thing is limited by this, and so I stopped looking after a short while. Next up, I wanted to try and get a rack for four bikes so that I could take the whole family. There must be a suitable rack out there some place or other. Just a case of finding the time to find it... My hope is, I can borrow some of the load from the other lighter bikes on the rack and offset it against my fatty :)
  5. I'll just float this, see if anyone has already solved it, and can therefore save me a lot of time and effort going down many a dead end. I'm looking for a towbar based bike rack, so that when we go away as a family we can take the bikes with us. Ideally, I'd like something like this eBay item ID: 263536822560 The issue seems to be both the tyres and weight "maybe" so has anyone faced this problem in the past and subsequently found a viable solution they don't mind sharing?
  6. Marco

    The Magura Brake Project

    Cheers Matt! FYI for anyone that comes later... I contacted hollandbikeshop.com (prior to reading your reply) as I thought it might have been nothing more than a type'o in a URL or some such thing, that had rendered the brakes unavailable to the public. Seeing as they seem to carry quite a bit of the Magura product range. So, for those of us that have keenly followed @MattRobertson and this project of his, you can still get the lever from Holland, but not the whole assembly. To cryptic? In a nutshell, no good unless you already have the brakes and ONLY! need a replacement lever: https://hollandbikeshop.com/en-gb/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=MT5e Past that, as Matt has already pointed out, the cheapest option (at the time of this post) is bike-discount.de Which incidentally, is well worth keeping an eye on, as should you be looking at this as your next modification, they seem to have some discounted take off front MT5e's (when I bought mine) so well.... BARGAIN! Circa half the regular price at £63.42 per axle. Or $90 USD before you take off the 20% VAT and presumably add it back on again for shipping!????
  7. Yep, I've done it again... Another old thread brought back to life. So... Phase 3. Has it happened? Or is that self employment lark still getting in the way??
  8. Seriously? You folks can get rims in Kmart now? http://www.kmart.com/weinmann-rim-wei-26x4.0-dhl101-36-bkw-origin-8/p-SPM8289369729 ...I really need to update my google search results filtering
  9. Hi, looking for steel forks please. Ideally silver or black
  10. Please PM me if interested. I will simply update this thread once sold. Display and controller will never make it on to the bike.
  11. Stock wheels for Sondors X available from late May 2018 onwards. These wheels won't even be hung on the bike (Silver European X) and are therefore brand new and presumably perfect for anyone that has had a disagreement with a pot hole or such like. Private Message (PM) me if you are interested, and I will update this thread when no longer available.
  12. Hi all, I'm still waiting for my bike (Silver European spec Sondors X) to turn up, but as I have grand plans to tweak it, the stock brakes, rotors and levers won't even make it on to the bike. Thus, if anyone is interested, just private message me I guess, and I'll edit this post and/or simply post an update if/when they are no longer available.
  13. Marco

    The Magura Brake Project

    Yeah OK, I'm revisiting another old thread... Hey, shoot me! So Matt, circa a year on (to the day) do you still have a "love in" for these brakes? I assume yes, coz they look like a serious bitta kit, but one thing I wanna to ask. Do you have four pots back and front?
  14. As always, top feedback folks. Very impressive, and hard to argue with all that first hand experience! Given I am effectively stealing borrowing one of @MattRobertson ideas, that he in turn refined with @Houshmand Moarefi some time ago now, I think perhaps I've got to dip my hand and lean favorably towards what @MattRobertson is saying here, don't I? (rhetorical, unless 'someone else' really has a strong view on this, and wants to step boldly into the breach) @biknut - top link. Well done that man! Hopefully others will benefit from that as well? I'll see if I can find anything in blighty, but thanks for sharing here. Top work. I also like what you have done with the fenders and controller. Looks very neat. I might steal (borrow) your thinking here ...I hope/trust you don't mind? @Reddy Kilowatt - Yeah, I'm totally across those specs. Don't you worry about that! What interests me most about them, is the bit where is says: 80 N.m
  15. OK, I searched on "rims" (and got four pages of results) but nothing that really seemed focused in on this. Thus... I am in the process of upgrading my fat to a AWD (and will add to that thread when things start turning up) but I'm wondering what the current thinking is on single vs double walled rims? My own personal experience suggests that double is the only real viable option here, but perhaps things have moved on since I last mulled over this topic?? I'm looking for some real life experience on this one, given the fact I'm north of 100 kilos (so 220 lbs for our friends in the US) and although I don't intend to "go crazy" on the bike, it would be nice to not have to suffer a (premature) failure that takes the bike offline until a fix is found. Basically, has the technology/material for a single come along far enough to be up to the job? Perhaps it has, and I should put my own experience to one side, but for those of you that have had ya bikes a while - what works best in the real world?? I gotta pay to lace up front rim, and well... I'd rather only do it once.

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