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  1. It's a 52v pack and I said to check the cells with the seller for peace of mind...? In my world, that 14s. The advert says it 15Ah. I'll say it again. Check with the seller regarding what cells are actually in the pack itself, but that's a pretty unbelievable price for a 52v pack from (and this is important) a highly respected seller on Ali. Still, we are all adults, so decide for yourself.
  2. Hey Len, Short answer - Yes. Long answer. The difference between (European spec) stock bike and a 52v pack and a 35a controller is what... assuming a 80% efficiency, ya as close as makes little difference at 1,500w peak. Now that's twice the watts being thrown at the bullet proof 750w motor, but you'll be fine. No one has reported issues with that motor to the best of my knowledge. As such, I'd be surprised if you don't feel the difference myself. PS - Unit pack power (AliExpress) had a pretty unbelievable deal on their 52v triangle during the recent sales. Let me dog u
  3. Just in case there are more people (lurking on here) past @MattRobertson and @Houshmound with AWD bikes, or perhaps someone who may previously had a AWD bike. What P and C settings are you running? Both front and back the same, or can you explain ya thinking between why you changed things up a bit, or... Have you tinkered with this and concluded ??? Keen to learn from others experiences here please
  4. OK. This is a suggestion vs a proven fix, but... What about measuring the diameter of the handle bar where you want this mounted and a EPDM U clip? You said you were a little handy, and if you file back what is left of the mount and get some small self tapping screws... Just remember, it's a suggestion vs a proven fix, so you'll have to eye ball it, based on what you can see right in front of you, but those were my thoughts when I read this.
  5. Very interesting..... Thanks! I came very close to getting a ST off flea bay the other week, but they seem so expensive!?? I can get cheap suspension pole for like.... fifteen quid, but the cane creek is effectively a zero on the end. Hmmm.... Probably do it, but would like to hear from others and well... Is it worth trying a cheap one first, or will that put me off for life??
  6. Hmmm...... I think "you buy ya ticket, you buy ya ride" Put simply, whats the price differential? If its large enough, go for it! There are people on here (pretty sure @biknut had or even still has? a battery via AliExpress) so perhaps tap those folks up via private message?? Past that, any of the larger more reputable sellers, and you should be fine. I'd just steer clear of "building ya own with used cells" coz that's likely to end up as per the rather graphic illustration above, UNLESS! you know what ya doing
  7. Just make sure you buy EXACTLY! the right model. I've fallen foul of this. I'd stand by what Matt puts together (for us all) as its a very cheap/reliable and easy piece of kit to pull together, but you need to make sure you get the right model. The power supplies are not quite so common here, so like a prat, I opted to get mine from Taiwan. Import duty and retrospective read of the manual later, and I'm all set up and ready to go, but try not to make the same mistake I did. (blushes)
  8. Hey Matt, not that its much good to me (tax, shipping, blah, blah, blah) but does their L3 20ah triangle not fit (without) modification? PS - I don't wanna spin this thread, but I took some of the ribbing out of my triangle today with the help of a mates oscillating saw and a dremel. Its a remarkably easy job. I'd suggest budgeting around three man hours for this task, based on personal first hand experience. Only one golden rule. You can always go back and cut out more, but once its cut. Its cut. So go slow. Still, I don't wanna sound like a health and safety public inf
  9. Good to hear you've tinkered. That is certainly my end game! Its always nice to have a project, I'll just be sad when mine is over I think... Still, the Thudbuster. Short or long travel? I'm guessing a ST post would be all that's needed, but wondering if that is true from people that have well.... done it, and therefore have the benefit of having tried and know. Albeit everyone has there own opinion, I'm always ready to listen as I'm on the fence about this particular upgrade.
  10. Thanks for the feedback Brian/Saltydog! I'll update the AWD thread as/when things all come together, but for now, a quick update. @biknut - Thanks for the lead on the rims. These were the first things to turn up. VERY! impressed with Rob at Robs'son. I now have a couple of double walled rims sat in my office at work, waiting... @MattRobertson - Seriously... What a legend! I need to peg back my man crush for this fella, so lets just go with - The Magura brakes. Being of similar physical characteristics, I have taken the plunge here. @Reddy Kilowatt - Simply for keepi
  11. @biknut - what config is your battery pack, and what cells are you using??? About all I know is the cells are Samsung 18650
  12. Thanks Matt, I think I will keep this on the back burner... In the UK we have to worry about nose weight. My limit is 90KG, so whilst I did spend a little time looking at motorcycle carriers, the whole thing is limited by this, and so I stopped looking after a short while. Next up, I wanted to try and get a rack for four bikes so that I could take the whole family. There must be a suitable rack out there some place or other. Just a case of finding the time to find it... My hope is, I can borrow some of the load from the other lighter bikes on the rack and offset it against my f
  13. I'll just float this, see if anyone has already solved it, and can therefore save me a lot of time and effort going down many a dead end. I'm looking for a towbar based bike rack, so that when we go away as a family we can take the bikes with us. Ideally, I'd like something like this eBay item ID: 263536822560 The issue seems to be both the tyres and weight "maybe" so has anyone faced this problem in the past and subsequently found a viable solution they don't mind sharing?
  14. Cheers Matt! FYI for anyone that comes later... I contacted hollandbikeshop.com (prior to reading your reply) as I thought it might have been nothing more than a type'o in a URL or some such thing, that had rendered the brakes unavailable to the public. Seeing as they seem to carry quite a bit of the Magura product range. So, for those of us that have keenly followed @MattRobertson and this project of his, you can still get the lever from Holland, but not the whole assembly. To cryptic? In a nutshell, no good unless you already have the brakes and ONLY! need a repl
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