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  1. You would think they would be right on the money. I wonder why there is such a difference.
  2. Has anyone seen a bluetooth RC-type watt meter? One that would connect with a phone? I found a couple but not crazy about either one. I would like something like the Tenergy or Watts Up meters with bluetooth built-in and works with both Android and iPhone. http://www.cobox-ebikes.com/290/wireless-bluetooth-cobox-watt-meter-36v-48v.html https://www.thornwave.com/products-btdcpm/
  3. Matt, My charger has been working great with my 48v battery. I have bought a 52v and changed the charger to 58.8v and 2.5a. The 52v battery is down to 49v but will not charge. Any ideas? I took the charger back to the 48v settings to test the charger again to make sure it wasn't the charger and it worked fine. Took it back to 52v/2.5a and still not charger. TIA
  4. RC Electronics, Inc.Watt's Up WU100 DC Watt meter and Power Analyzer (Blue) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001B6N2WK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_GfvPBbPMBAHHE
  5. OK, I would like to do that. How should I cancel my order and reorder?
  6. Lindsey, I have an order in for a 52v but, this has me thinking of going for the 60v. Currently I have a 48v, 35a, 750w. As I understand it all I would need is your 60v 17.3 battery, a 60v 35a controller, and a 60v KTLCD3, all of which you sell, correct? Would it be possible to change my order since the battery wasn’t supposed to be back in stock until the 24th? Is the 60v in stock as well as the controller and LCD? I’m still thinking this over in my head but, would like to know if the order can even be changed first. Thanks to you and Matt.
  7. How do you think this will reduce the life of the motor? Does it get pretty warm? Any other concerns?
  8. I put together one of HLG-185H-54A chargers and the box is getting pretty warm to the touch. The wires in and out are not warm at all.
  9. Does your HLG-185H-54A get pretty warm at the end of a charge?
  10. Define "Cheap". They are available on Amazon for $216 with a 190mm drop out.
  11. Matt, What Mean Well model are you using? I have a Watts Up meter. Can the Mean Well do a percentage charge such as 80%, 90%, 100%?
  12. Manx Mariner

    Manx Mariner

  13. Update: Lindsey sent me a used/older charger to see if my problem of the old charger cycling on and off and not charging was the culprit. And, it was. The replacement is charging the battery just fine. Thanks Lindsey for your help. I sent the original charger back.
  14. Yes, I agree. Lindsey stepped up to the plate and is getting me a used one in exchange so we can see if it is the charger or the battery. Since I am not as educated in electronics as you and probably wouldn’t feel comfortable with building my own charger, what would you recommend? Would the LunaCycle charger be a good one? I like that you can set percentage of full charge. Thanks,
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